Media Quotes

“A fascinating discussion! Patricia Cori is an expert on the subject of 2012  … “
—Tommy Schnurmacher, KJAC Radio Montreal

“Patricia is one of the most insightful guests that I have had in a while, and she tells it like it is!!!!”
—Keith Murphy, The Urban Journal

—Sharon Taphorn – the Shift Radio

“Patricia Cori is a teacher of spirit…I love her positive outlook!
—The Dean Blundell Show

“Here’s an endorsement of FACT: Out of all the psychics, mystics, healers and seers who offered answers to my question, you’re the ONLY one who was correct. Amazing! I thank you. You are truly gifted.”
—Donald Newsom, Producer: BBS Radio

“Patricia Cori is an expert on all things paranormal and para-spiritual – she knows everything about the mystical [world]…”
—Scott Hinke, Fanboy Radio, Dallas

“Patricia Cori is a prophetess, someone the entire world needs to listen to. Her information is vital to our survival … I love her.”
—Curtis Davis, The Occult Network

“Thank you, Patricia, for your service to mankind… “
—Ron Rink, MBS Network Radio, Texas

“Some people throw pebbles into the ocean and some people throw rocks which create an even bigger ripple. Patricia is like that rock…I love how she is helping humanity rise in consciousness.”
—Ralph Okrafo-Smart, Infinite Waters Radio

“She’s one of the most profound human beings on the planet…such a brilliant light in this world….”
—Lance White, the Zany Mystic Radio Show

“Very very inspiring. Anyone who listens to her cannot help but find it enlightening!”
—Nancy Wallace, Achieve Radio

“I have never read such powerful and truthful material..”
—Award-winning filmmaker, Christianne van Wijk

“So inspiring! Thank you Patricia!
—Kelly Howell, Theatre of the Mind