DNA Facilitators Training Program

The accelerated course of Ascension Training and the DNA Facilitators Program, taught directly by Patricia and overlighted by the Sirian High Council, is available in Italy and abroad. Patricia’s teaching schedule will be posted and updated constantly on the site (see workshop/lecture schedule), so please check to see if any dates currently planned meet with your needs.

The program consists of two levels of training, which (when completed) will qualify those who desire to serve as DNA Facilitators, to help others accelerate their personal process and prepare for the ascension process.

Ascension Training: (Level 1) Two Day Intensive Workshop

The process of awakening the light body begins with the healing and release of blocked emotions, thoughts manifest as illness within the physical body and the re-integration of the fragments of our being that we have left behind along our journey. As we cannot move forward without them, the opening segment of the course will be dedicated to calling them home to us – a most essential aspect of our preparation for ascension.

This two-day intensive course, facilitated by Sirian Light Beings, focuses on opening the energy byways, drawing from the multi-dimensional self the innate abilities that will prepare us for ascension. Guided by Light Beings from many dimensions, we will be shown the way to the acceleration of our spiritual and emotional experience – preparing the way for the activation of the third strand of DNA and the awakening of the light body.

Activation of the new crystalline matrix that is forming in our evolving beings (the integration of this additional strand of DNA), creates triangulation within the consciousness of every cell of our physical bodies – the Trinity of divine awareness. The entire energy body, the chakras and their corresponding glandular systems (particularly the pineal gland) the Ida and Pingala energy byways, the auric body – every aspect of existence in the world of matter is about to CHANGE and we, the awakening, are eager to accelerate that process. We are ready for change. We came into this reality to facilitate the Great Awakening about to take place on Planet Earth and we are grateful for the opportunity to be of service here, as guardians of the collective soul.

Those of us who have come in to serve as guides and healers in the process of Gaia’s evolution are called to initiation: the activation of the third strand; cellular regeneration; resonance with the higher frequencies; connection with the Galactic Family of Light Beings.

This intensive is offered to those who are ready to take a giant leap in self-awareness and preparation for the ascension. Level 2 trainings are offered either as a separate 2 day course or of late – given the heightened vibrations we are all in – can be offered in an intensive program whereby both levels are offered together. In each instance, participants are guided and assisted in integrating the new energies, adjusting to the newly-attained frequencies and working with the higher beings with whom they have connected.

Anyone using psycho-pharmaceuticals should NOT be enrolling in the programs.

As we draw upon the patterns of all cosmic consciousness, we will also ground ourselves to Gaia, for this is our celestial home – as it will be for those who choose to ascend into the next dimension: the New Frontier. This, in absolute integrity, honesty, and conviction – for we are past the time when we can distract ourselves with imaginings, posturing and spiritual rhetoric. We must clear away the distractions, prepared to walk in the light of Absolute Truth – at peace in our hearts and souls.

Required reading:
The Cosmos of Soul: A Wake-Up Call for Humanity
Atlantis Rising: The Struggle of Darkness and Light

DNA Facilitators’ Training (Level 2) Calling All First Wave Ascension Team Members: Two day workshop

The exquisite journey of light body awakening and self-discovery, guided by the Sirian High Council, continues.

This two-day seminar, open only to those who have completed the Level 1 training, will build upon the processes of DNA activation, the on-going process of anchoring the third strand, laying further ground for the assimilation of the second triangulation – the 4th, 5th and 6th strands.

Students will be directed to conduct one-on-one DNA readings, through hands-on-healing methodologies, the proper use of channeling (not for the individual – but for planetary and universal perspectives) and the work of serving as First Wave Ascension Team Members in their tribes and communities. They will be guided as to the implementation of the service they have chosen to bring to the whole, at this crucial time of individual and planetary transmutation.

The workshop will include deep meditation work and group toning, guided by the Council, training and practice in DNA reading, and instruction for the practical matters of serving as a DNA Facilitator: cellular regeneration, the elemental energies, the properties of conscious water, star linking, opening the channels of extradimensional communication. We will heal, we will illuminate, we will bring the light of the Overlighting Ones into manifestation!

Required Reading: The entire trilogy – The Sirian Revelations

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