The Spirit of Christmas
By Patricia Cori

17 December 2002

I’ve a dear friend with whom I have no dialogue of any particular social or political relevance … someone who has managed to hold my fascination simply because he has the most beautiful heart, which sounds his laughter into light. He tells me I am too focused on the issues, too concerned about the global situation and always reminds me to just trust that everything will and does resolve for the highest good. He will be celebrating the holidays, as he does every year, serving the homeless their Christmas dinner.

John is a model of the positive mind and a giving nature ‹ a true humanitarian ‹ and I always come away from our time together filled with the reminder of how it all seems to work down here on Planet Earth, distracted, as I can be, by the celestial mechanics of the Universe and otherwordly realms.

Nonetheless, in the illusion of 3D, this season’s greetings are less than reassuring, as well you know. The ‘Eternal War’, waged by the Secret Government, has us teetering on the brink of something so colossal in its dark scope that we are almost stunned by its magnitude and force … and yet we are out there, in growing numbers, voicing our resistance and our rebellion. We believe we can change the world. The black tides of the oil giants, washing their negligence and abuse onto the shores, are devastating the habitats of the garden of Eden … but we are there, scooping up the ooze in our arms and nursing the sea birds choking in the crude. We are determined to change the world. Earthquakes rock and topple our communities – yet there we are, digging with our raw hands, fighting the cold of the endless night, pulling the dying out from the rubble. The bold, shining face of humanity is forever rising from the dust and the shadow of adversity. We know we can change the world.

So it is that, in the midst of all the holiday preparations, shopping and feasts, the conscious members of our societies cannot help but to consider the suffering, the starving, the forgotten children: the ‘global situation’. There are questions that must be answered … or at least ‘asked’. There are issues that must be considered, if not resolved. There is more to this than what we are doing … far more to it all.

As we fill our stockings with the ‘cute’ and the ‘irresistible’ – shiny reflections of our more superficial desires, we must ask ourselves: what is it we are celebrating? Do we truly remember? In but a moment’s thought…we realize how soon we forget. How easy it is for us to forget the meaning of Christmas.

At this time of reverence, a celebration of The Christ’s birth, let us exalt the magnificence of our humanity by raising our worried heads from the pillow, throwing off our blankets of ignorance and reaching a hand across the sands of indifference. Let us give of ourselves in ways that honor His teachings and our own brilliant starlight, all One People, One Heart, One Soul.

Let us focus not on the tinsel and glitter. Let us beam the light of courage, faith and love around the world. We can remember what this is all about – the Christmas memory; we can honor Jesus, the Ascended Master … opening our eyes, our hearts, our minds. Let us never forget that believing in the highest good and a positive outcome requires that extension of humanity, where we give ‹ we truly give‹ of ourselves: serving the less fortunate in the kitchens of the poor; fighting for the lives of the animals and the seas; bringing the light of love into dark spaces.

And with that, Christ-mas blessings to you, to your loved ones, and to the battered in Bethlehem, where a baby was born, 2000 years ago, in the silence of the night.