Hey Military Guys
By Patricia Cori

Photo Source: Cape Cod Stranding Network

Look, guys, I know you so don’t want to hear from simple folk about things that you are sure don’t concern us and I know that the ‘catch phrase’ reasoning for our imposed silence is that it is “unpatriotic” to question the government – anytime, anywhere, for any reason. Then again, it’s un-planet-onic to sit quiet. What is a girl to do?

I know we are not supposed to ask questions about anything Beyond the Matrix of secrets and lies that have woven  the web of constraint around the Great Planet Earth, if we want to stay out of trouble and live to have grandchildren…. I know, I know, I know. I can feel the noose tightening and the human voice of freedom being choked into submission.

But it keeps rising up in my throat – daring to be heard.

You’re all about saving us from terrorists, as I recall, and perpetuating democracy, which, ironically, is the ideal upon which the whole ‘free speech’ concept was based, anyway. Wasn’t it? Let’s see, there seems to be a tattered Bill of Rights and an old Constitution lying around somewhere…ah yes! Now I remember. It is now unconstitutional to cite the Constitution. So we are, as they say in the vernacular, “screwed.”

What a twist of fate that forcing the democratic principle on sovereign nations means giving it up at home, for the sake of “security,” which, it seems, has never eluded us more than now, in the face of the globalized terror-invoking leadership of the “Free World.”

I know we’re not supposed to talk about the ET presence, and the shadow government, and the really funky covert technologies, mind control, forced vaccinations, reptiles at the wheel… all of it. I know. I do know it. But you’ve just got to come clean, sooner or later, and I can’t help but believe that talking about it can help you do that.

Let’s call it socio-military dialogue!

If you really look deep inside yourselves, you can admit it. You have to admit it. The kill mechanism is in overdrive and by the looks of things, you really intend to kill just about everything in sight – and out of sight, by the sound of it. And speaking about sound…

It’s about the latest Navy Sonar Testing Program, I mean really. While most of the comfort-zone world sits by and plans their kids’ low-budget wardrobes for the new school year and the rest, the struggling, figure out how to feed their children for just one day, you guys are really going to town on new war games: destination – the world’s oceans.

You are really going to do this.

Word is that now that there is war on every continent of the little blue green planetm (so, shall we say, ‘yesterday’), you’ve come up with this master plan to ‘take out’ millions of marine animals in an ambitious kill program that will include unbearable sonar testing, bombs, chemical warfare testing and just general blind testosterone acts of aggression in our dying seas.

What the hell? Whales and dolphins …echolating all over the place- interfering with your sonar equipment – it’s gotta be a nuisance. All those fish, swimming around every which way and those annoying seals and their pups littering the beaches, fer goddsakes! You figure if they’re so intelligent, why haven’t they figured out that they should stop migrating and get out of your way?

What have you got in mind for the sea, anyway? Some new underwater nuclear testing grounds, perhaps? High intensity ELF towers? Alien bases? Since when did a few hundred thousand whales and our dwindling coral beds stop you?

Unless you know something we don’t know, this is slaughter, not war. War implies there is a counter-force fighting back. But we know that can’t be… the only militarized sea creatures I have ever heard of are the dolphins you’ve trained to carry bombs for you, and they can’t be counted as ‘the enemy’. Well, I guess they could.

You probably can’t trust them, after all … under intense water-boarding persuasive interrogation, they could swim over to the other side. So what constitutes this war? Are there terrorists lurking among the sea lions or enemy combatants downloading coastal echolation grids from the sperm whales? Or is it maybe some “species envy” thing you’re working out? Why the drive to blow the brains out of every living creature in the deep? Don’t you get that, without healthy seas and flourishing life within them, we are like – TOAST?

Gheez fellas. You have just got to lighten up. Haven’t you heard? We’ve got a planet to save here and quite honestly, you’re making this very difficult. Forget aesthetics like turquoise blue waters and cool ocean breezes. You can reproduce these in video and sensory simulation chambers. So what, whales and dolphins – who needs them? We can go to sea world and watch the last ones jump through the hoop. Forget the tides, the atmosphere, the Earth…we can go find another planet to declare war on.

I just can’t stand it. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.