Help Wanted
by Patricia Cori

Large, blue-green multinational planetary body, Planet E-A-R-T-H, Inc. (formerly The Garden of Eden) seeks highly-qualified hero to help restructure existing management policies and procedures as required to redefine our objectives and help bring us into the foreground as active members of the consciously evolving intelligent universe.

Duties will include but are not limited to:

* Successfully contributing to directing our six billion member team in re-establishing the balance of life in all sectors to include all species and elements upon (and within) PLANET E-A-R-T-H, Inc. (herein referred to as ‘PE, Inc.’)
* Implementing seed thoughts that drop into the waters of our think tanks –the human spirit –and ripple out through all departments to create hope and the will to achieve overall P.E., Inc. goals and objectives.
* Developing of mind-stimulating alternatives to failing belief structures currently stripping the organization of its potential – to be distributed through all departments and sectors, throughout all international and regional locations and divisions.
* Serving as an inspirational model of the greatness and nobility of our founding fathers (and mothers), for whom Planet Earth was originally selected as the ideal environment to foster the Great Race of our members.
* Creating inspirational works of art, communication, public relations and related activities to be utilized by all members to successfully improve morale and instill a sense of hopeful determination in our members.
* Encouraging personal and global actions to implement ecological reforms required to return PE, Inc. to its former glory, as established and directly overseen by GAIA, the CEO of Planet Earth, Inc.

Some travel and uprooting from comfort zones may be required.
Salary (rewards) commensurate with abilities.

The ideal candidate will be a fearless speaker of truth and justice, will inspire trust and instill a sense of empowerment at all levels, will have highly-developed motivational skills, believe in a positive outcome and be willing to face personal risks in the name of Planet Earth, Inc. She or he must also have the following qualifications:

* Experience of ‘outside the box’ thinking as required for developing new and dynamic alternatives to existing dysfunctional and disruptive Planet Earth, Inc. management strategies.
* A strong and unwavering voice in calling all peaceful warriors to become personally involved in social rebellion and reform, despite resistance from some mid-level management and union members within PE, Inc.
* Human resources expertise and experience in all areas of soul development and character building.
A charismatic, light-filled energy field.
* Significant education in the nature of human will and the journey of spirit, for which some knowledge of multidimensional geometry, physics, hyperspace and universal law will be an advantage.
* A love for all living beings, as exhibited in PE, Inc.’s Original Blueprint.
* Compassion, vision and a strong sense that each member of the Planet Earth, Inc., if properly directed and motivated, can achieve extraordinary results throughout our organization.
* Focused will and the desire to serve the highest good.

Political, military and/or high ranking corporate officials, those with a history of violence or links to shadow figures or those related to people with these qualifications are currently not being considered for the position and need not apply.

Additional opportunities are available for healers, lightworkers, environmentalists and activists – please contact Planet Earth, Inc. if you fall into these categories and offer your services to the department relative to your area of expertise.


Human Resources Department
Planet Earth Inc.
22-22 In Your Soul,
NE Quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy