Well now. Much has transpired since first we opened the channels of light and the countless mind links enjoyed through our Vehicle and as you see, what may very well have seemed to be sitting on the edge of your reality has now entered full center, you can no longer deny it – if ever you did. For thirteen earth journeys around the central deity, we have spoken to you of many things – things that have come to pass and now seep into mainstream consciousness, past the walls of dogmatic resistance and into the hearts and minds of far greater numbers of human beings now residing upon the Great Blue Planet. We have spoken to you of life beyond your realm – not only of beings foreign to the Earth but of your own wanderings and settlements on other celestial stations in your solar realm: this now is being revealed through irrefutable proofs that come from those self-created authorities of space who run your own extraterrestrial show: Homo Sapiens Galacticus.

You have been shown images of sphinxes and statues and underground transport systems, pyramids, bases and rivers and forests on the red planet – you know there is history there that reflects your own, mirroring back to the Earth the wisdom of ancient civilizations, while their contemporaries dwell and flourish primarily in (but not limited to) the underground of that planetary station. You have been shown and briefed (in accordance with imposed limitations on the knowledge) of moons in your system, including your own Luna, which contain water, the spring of biological life. Time ago, we have told you there is life on the moon and on Mars, and that your own species interacts with others there, in bases that have been established many many moons ago. This is being revealed to you now; it is all being revealed at this time of the Great Shift.

We have warned and prepared you for the technologies that come from past worlds, foreign civilizations and your own future selves and they too are now being revealed: the great HAARP towers of the walk-in, Akkaeneset; manipulation of the gene codes of all life in your world; the deliberate obfuscation of the sun through the abusive proliferation of chemical and metal aerosol spraying…all manner of technological invasion in your lives. And of the secrets that are secret no more – we have attempted to gently nudge you from the dormant states of passive awareness into full accountability, understanding and recognition of the forces that would rule you, believing (or so they did then) that they can possess you entirely. Their power is slipping away. Even though they go clutching with every possible trick they can muster, every tool in their belts … it isn’t working. Like the Walls of Jericho, their strongholds are falling …dare we say crashing down. We stand in our declaration, Let there be No More Secrets, No More Lies, and the awakened amongst you stand tall in that commitment, glorious and mighty, and we salute you.

We have spoken to you of the DESERT DAYS, and how you will pass through them, and here you are, right on schedule, recognizing how the sands of illusion are truly crystalline windows that reflect into the matrix the New Dawn that lies, just ahead, sifting through the hourglass that you hold as the record keeper of your collective journey. You peer through them, inquisitive and bright in your hearts and souls, and you know how close you are now. Your pulse is quickening; time is slipping into immeasurable quanta, the Universe is opening and closing, breathing in … breathing out, in divine rhythm. We have told you the orphanage of your isolation is ending and so it is. You know you are being prepared to embrace the miracle that has titillated your fantasy for as long as you can remember: the time of reunion, when you would all finally look to the heavens and cry out “We Are Not Alone!” to your galactic reflections. Where am I really from? What are the stars … Really? Where is my true home? When will I return? These are the questions that stimulate your curiosity and wonder, taking you leaps and bounds up the stairway of your ascending evolutionary passage.

Ra’s solar flares are currently rewiring the energy networks of Gaia. They are triggering your neural pathways, illuminating the conscious mind like lightening on the night sky. Remember, as we have told you before: trust the Sun. He knows what he is doing. Trust the universe … Trust yourselves. Trust each other too, employing discernment, however, to see through false faces and to hear past the lies and the ramblings of entities – in body, and hiding in astral shadows – oozing fantasies for the weak and the willing to embrace as the Wisdom … when it is not.

The Great Whales and the Dolphin Beings soon take center stage, holding the frequencies of Gaia’s waters, weaving you into the higher dimensions. They, too, are shifting. They call out to you, that you hold the high notes of the human heart while they thread the light of the Cosmos through the cells of the ocean’s beings, imprinting the crystalline waters with the harmonies of the Music of the Spheres.

Your true home is everywhere and nowhere. In the eternity of your existence, you have chosen so many forms, so many densities, so many stars. Right now, at this moment of glorious transition, you have chosen to be one of the Spirit Warriors of the Earth – and you have been honored with the right to be there. Whether you are carrying, as we say, the Lantern or the Spiritual Sword of Truth through the desert, you are all part of it – all equal in your dedication, provided you are pure in your hearts, free of the shadow the ego casts upon the soul, and grounded in truth – as you understand it.

We are here with you … just a breath away
We will not leave your side.
We never have, from your inception.
So, breathe deeply…
Hold your ground
Use your discernment to filter out the distorted images of the crowded and opaque lens
And walk, noble and fearless as only you know how, into the New Dawn.
Blessed be the Children of Gaia.
Blessed Be.

—We are the Speakers of the Sirian High Council