Conquering Defeatism and the “What’s the Point?” Mindset
By Patricia Cori

Woah! Wait one minute here. Seems like the campaign against humankind, the one intent upon selling the race into the slavery of its own defeatist resignation, is in FULL THROTTLE.

You talk to people in the street (if you dare, that is), at work, at school – you watch the designer news, listen to the radio, read the right-wing newspapers… What a scenario.

News has it you can no longer smile for a Canadian passport photo (smiles are apparently biometrics-unfriendly). You mustn’t speak out for civil rights (you’re a terrorist); you mustn’t question the government (you’re an anarchist and a terrorist); you mustn’t take vitamins, study the healing arts or demand sovereignty over your own body, spirit and mind – all very suspicious behaviors.

OK to gorge yourself with MacDonald’s garbage food, load out on Prozac, drug out on television sex and violence, numb your kids with MOOD CONTROL pharmaceuticals, consume everything in site and generally zone out, slave to your survival, animal selves. And fear – above all, fear everything and everyone in your path, a narrowing road upon which you bear your nose to the grindstone, look down, and remain silent.

Yes, friends – it appears smiling, caring and prevention are OUT – consumption, alienation and dependency are IN, all right – big time. Any wonder why so many people are feeling disempowered and defeated?

Where are you? Are you in the power zone, seeking solutions and spreading light all around you, creating a better world – or are you with the group of grumbling masses, dissatisfied with the way things are being run on this planet but doing nothing about it?

Can you honestly check YES to one or more of these pro-active signs that you are, indeed, a warrior of the light?
Do you:

  • Re-cycle waste products?
  • Boycott ecology-unfriendly goods?
  • Read labels? Investigate what is in your food, water, air and spread the word?
  • Donate time or money to worthwhile causes that stand for your beliefs?
  • Reduce consumption of electromagnetic gadgetry?
  • Avoid television and computer games – the numbing of the intellectual mind and spirit?
  • Spend at least eight hours a week immersed in nature?
  • Read?
  • Vote?
  • Write to your government representatives?
  • Believe in a positive outcome?
  • Provide a service to your community? Volunteer to help the needy?
  • Meditate? Celebrate? Contribute?

Yep … there’s no denying it. It is a pretty scary world out there … as we watch the ‘old’ come crumbling down, but we know how the dark magicians create illusion, now don’t we?

Don’t we – lightworkers?

In the loudest voice I can muster, I call upon you to stand for your beliefs. For your soul family. For the Great Planet Earth.

Raise the volume, won’t you?

There is no room for fear here – no time for indulging ourselves in this imposed sense of futility and despair – the ‘what’s the point’ blanket of human resignation.

Get tough, if you are not already and if you are – get tougher!
Take action, raise your voice, be a model of light and integrity.
Be courageous, clear and convinced.
And let love, not fear – run through your veins.

“…be at peace with God, whatever you conceive him to be,
and whatever your labors & aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life, keep pace with your soul.
With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.
Be careful. Strive to be happy.
The Desiderata