2012 The Movie, the Fear, the Anticipation
By Patricia Cori

Phew! Now that the dreaded Hollywood blockbuster is out, you can see that as I predicted, this comedy of errors is not going to have the global negative effect on humanity as so many dreaded. Hallelujah! One less hurdle for us to move past. The first reviews are out and they are far from flattering, describing the film as “a grab-bag of disaster movie cliches,” with “laughable” dialogue and “a ludicrous plot device..” (see: www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/film-reviews/2012-film-review-1004041300.story). It appears that despite all the worry and concern, people are not going to have the bajeezes scared out of them after all! Perhaps it is because we have become so anaesthetized to violence and disaster, big screen special effects and inane storylines, or perhaps it goes deeper. Perhaps, deep down inside, we all know this is NOT HOW it is going to play out on Planet Earth, when we move through December 21st, 2012, and get on with our giant steps on our revolutionary journey into the long-awaited Age of Illumination.

Asked to discuss the fated date in several media interviews, I have been intent upon reminding people that we are already in the Great Shift of Ages, moving through it, feeling our way out of the darkness and into the light of the New Dawn. We are in it – full immersion – watching societies’ dramatic upheaval…watching the Earth herself rebelling…watching our lives take on new meaning and new direction.

Yes, it can be daunting (did we think a global revolution would be a breeze?) and yes, there is suffering, as many people are faced with loss and disaster. We are experiencing a sort of global feng shui, through which the OLD has to go, making way for the NEW – and it is up to each of us what we will do with the changes that confront us.

The more we cling to our convictions and the misdirected illusions of “security,” it appears, the more we are tested: our possessions, our belief systems, our very lives – all are challenged as we move through this Great Shift. It is not necessarily easy to let go. And yet, there is a buzz out there of what is coming – we are feeling it. We’re moving out of the matrix and into the galactic field of possibilities where we will soon understand as a species why the old is falling down and away, expressions of a time of limitation in so many senses of the word…. This we came in to experience. We came here for this and we know it, at the primordial level .. We came in to be part of it. And, Aho! Great Spirit – here we are!

The trick here – the transmutation of fear and uncertainty into trust and celebration, lies within you. It lies in your ability to focus your mind on the magnificence of your soul’s pursuit of the I AM experience, as you climb the spiral of light – through many lifetimes, many densities and levels of awareness. Always remembering that no matter how things play out in the theater of life—the world unfolding, the governments’ madness, Earth’s frenzy—you came in to be part of it all: The Free Will Zone.

When you’re really ‘getting it’, you experience a sense of ‘detachment’ from it all, like a spectator at the movies. It involves you to certain point – it can even elicit emotion with you, but you know it is a hologram and that you are only an observer. The soul is the silent witness to the theater of life, through which you move about in your beautifully constructed physical form. It knows that consciousness is not confined to the unfolding of events, relationships and earth changes, and your reaction and fear of loss and separation. It knows why you chose to go through it all.

When you’re really getting it, you trust that soul intention so unconditionally that you know no longer fear the outcome of anything, because you know you are constantly changing your reality to fit your perception of it. You know that you are exactly where you need to be. You know that you alone determine whether you will live your life in peace and a higher understanding, or whether you will choose suffering and fear.

And you know, deep within you, that you are watching a sort of movie – the film of life – but that it doesn’t end in disaster. It doesn’t END at all.