About the Sirian Star System

“Sirius is a triunal stellar system, which consists of three Solar Deities: Sothis, Satais and Anu (identified by your astronomers, respectively, as: Sirius A, Sirius B, and Sirius C.)

In the universe of matter, Sothis shines brighter than any star in your night sky, dominating the celestial canopy during the winter of your Northern hemisphere. It is the fifth nearest star to your sun, a mere eight light years from yours, and is inextricably connected to your Solar Deity, RA.

At a point in the space-time continuum so distant from your reality as to be undefinable in your terms, a great cosmic exchange occurred in our stellar system. At the time of this cataclysmic change in our complex stellar body, the Deity, Satais, collapsed, passing through her own astral chords and onto higher dimensional planes. What was left behind in the world of matter was, in stellar terms, a minuscule dwarf star of super dense matter, which was eventually pulled into an elliptical orbit around the dominant sister star, Sothis – as was the distant cousin, Anu.

The collapse of Satais (Sirius B) – its ascension beyond material space – caused a monumental chain reaction through the entire Sirian system, out across the constellation of stars known to you as Canis Major and, indirectly, your solar system became involved in the dynamics of our evolution.

This is one of the most significant reasons why we are so linked to you and why we are so focused upon your evolutionary process.”