The Speakers of the Sirian High Council

“We, the Speakers of the Sirian High Council, represent the consciousness of countless Sirians who are connecting with Earth from the ascended star system of Satais. We are old, much older than you and we know much about the human race, for our elders were part of the Great Experiment – the seeding of your race.

At key times in your development we have materialized on the earth plane, crystallizing in matter so as to better serve humankind – starseed of the universe. This occurred at the time of the second cycle of Atlantis, when you were blossoming in the light of that civilization; it occurred in ancient Egypt and it is about to occur again, at the closing of the Mayan calendar.

We have opened many channels amongst you so that our messages can be received on the broadest scale, for it is time that you remember your purpose on Earth. We have come to serve you at this time of your evolution into light body, for we know what awaits you – we have known your process. We are here to help you over the threshold by bringing you the knowledge that has been kept secret from you, for we believe you have come to the point of individual and planetary liberation.

Many are the Light Beings now focused upon Earth’s transition; consciousness from the Pleiades and Andromeda is working with you, joining with us to help raise the vibration. However desperate they may seem to you, the current events playing out in your world are part of the process of your awakening. Pay attention but observe with detachment what goes around you. Be centered, stilling the lower emotions. Be wary and look carefully about you, turning your focus away from the horror and towards beauty, love and the miracles that surround you in every moment of your lives.

We ask that you come to our teachings with an open mind, trusting that knowledge always sets you free and we ask that you accept only that which rings true in your hearts – for we believe that you must listen to the voice of your souls.

We have worked with the vehicle, Trydjya, since her appearance in body in the middle cycle of Atlantis, where she served as a Keeper of the Crystals. Like many of you, she returned to physical form during the Last Generation of the Atlantean civilization, a karmic debt that has brought you, children of Atlantis, back to serve at this time.

She has walked in Ancient Egypt, in Sumeria and Mesopotamia and has begun to retrieve those memories that serve the higher purpose of the All.

She received attunement in the Hyperdimensional Spiral at Stonehenge (known to you as the Julia Set crop circle) and it is from that time that established open communication. Our first two collections of transmissions, THE COSMOS OF SOUL and ATLANTIS RISING are readily available to you and the third NO MORE SECRETS, NO MORE LIES, has been timed to reach you now – when you need the information most. As the polar forces exert their dark influence over the living of your world, you need to awaken the dormant memories of how it was done in Atlantis, for these memories are essential to the outcome of your current events.

The channel Trydjya has come into body at this time to serve – as have you all.”