Trilogy Book I: The Cosmos of Soul

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About the Book

THE COSMOS OF SOUL is a collection of channeled teachings which Patricia receives from extraplanetary beings who identify themselves as The Speakers, Sirians of the High Council – messengers of Universal Truth and the Ancient Wisdom, as known throughout the histories of civilizations past. It is an earnest and dedicated work, the first of a trilogy – THE SIRIAN REVELATIONS, which claims to provide the reader with keys to unlocking the secrets to our acceleration out of limitation and into the Light: a trigger for our evolution as a new race of Aquarian men and women.

As we enter the third millennium, we are looking at a future that has been prophesized to end in apocalypse – a dreaded scenario of death and destruction, devastating earth changes and the possible annihilation of humanity as we know it. This doomsday consciousness has begun to seep into every layer of human thought and behavior – a disempowering, alienating belief system.

Therefore it is now, more than ever before, that we must learn to believe in our capacity to change that paradigm and affect the destiny of the human race and of Planet Earth herself. Only then, the book claims, can we find resolution of the problems dominating our personal and global realities.

Perhaps what is most significant in the illuminations of the Speakers is their detailed explanation of what we can really expect after 2012 (the closing of the Mayan Calendar), when galactic events are predicted to change forever life on our planet … and how we can turn our growing fear and irrational behavior into positive action as individuals, and as members of the greater family of beings.

The book reflects the Speakers’ clarity of voice and intent, providing many controversial and revolutionary views on the following hot topics:

  • Enslavement of humanity by religious doctrines
  • The Ruling of Planet Earth – the Secret Government
  • Dark-Light Polarity
  • The Truth About the Aids Virus
  • Genetic Engineering and Organ Transplants
  • The Ethics of Cloning
  • Healing mind-body-spirit
  • Food as a Source of Light
  • The Music of the Soul Body

    Atlantean Wisdom

  • The Mysteries of Giza
  • The Cydonia Region of Mars
  • Quantum Physics and the Thought-Matter Paradigm
  • Human Colonies on the Moon
  • The Dangers of Internet
  • Sound and its Effect Upon Matter
  • Simultaneous Time
  • Evolving into the Fourth Dimension
  • Sacred Geometry
  • The True Meaning of Genesis

THE COSMOS OF SOUL reveals how we are being guided and assisted by the greater Galactic Family of Light Beings, those dedicated to serving humankind in our process of transformation. It details to the reader the process of awakening out of the limitations set upon us by the very nature of physical reality and the power structures that have controlled humankind from the seeding of our planet.

A wake-up call for humanity, it attempts to rouse us from our sleep, our passivity – while empowering us to live richer, more meaningful lives as we alter the outcome of the coming earth changes.



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On Healing:

“True healing is a simple, loving ability to channel the light, a gift of those who love unconditionally and who have chosen to serve others as they, too, become beacons of the heart. The light does not initiate with them, for they merely serve as vehicles of Spirit. Anyone who would have you believe otherwise, and there are many, is operating from ego-centered consciousness Énot from love. Do not be fooled by the paraphernalia, guises and rituals of their white robes and altars; rather, establish contact through the eyes – windows of the soul – where you will be able to uncover true meaning and intention behind any faade. You will have to look deep within the eyes of the other, searching for the soul light É deeper than ever before.

On the Illusions of Time:

Time as you experience it from within the confines of three dimensional reality is a totally artificial framework. That is, your perception of time is based on a linear construct of some ambiguous past, an illusive, undefinable present, and a future of projected outcomes that often cause you to be anxious and uncertain about your lives. In truth, most of your difficulties stem from your misperceptions about time, particularly now at the turning of the new millennium. You are beginning to attempt conscious awareness of the now moment – of living it – but most of you are far from grasping that there exists nothing else.

This is understandable, for the experience of no-time is of a higher realm, beyond your present capabilities Éthere wherever you escape the sensate world. For this reason is it so essential to your spiritual unfolding that you explore your dream material, meditate and develop your abilities to project yourselves out onto the astral, for there lie the greatest opportunities to release from you limitations and drift in the sweet liberty of timeless awareness and body-less motion.

On the Secret Space Program:

We observe your military at work in the Cosmos, the covert activities of their space programs, and we believe it is time that you, the people, learn about what is being perpetrated in space, so that you can act upon the information and solicit from your governments the truth of their discoveries.

We wish to tell you that official statements regarding your government’s probing of space, or contact with other species, or the developments on your Moon and the red planet are quite different than what we are watching from our vantage point.

We observe the pioneer, Richard Hoagland, probing the evidence of NASA’s undeclared discoveries in space, and he brings to you the first pieces of hard evidence that life has existed on the red planet and on the moon. You, seekers of knowledge, are drawing upon this information to fill in the empty spaces of your galactic memory, while searching for the true missing link. Indeed, most of your NASA officials would like to keep all information classified to avoid opening that Pandora’s box, your stimulated curiosity, but it is too late, for the Adept Hoagland has shown you the Martian Sphinx and the pyramidal complex of Cydonia and he is piecing together the dome-like structural remnants of ancient cities on the Moon.

You simply cannot ignore the undeniable.



Richard Hoagland

Author of The Monuments on Mars

Makes great reading…!

Ruth Montgomery

Author of Strangers Amongst Us

The Cosmos of Soul” is truly a ‘wake up call’ for humanity. I am recommending it to all my fans and friends. Miss Cori is right. Humanity is due for an evolutionary leap, as I stated in my last book.

Nexus Magazine


The Sirian Revelations provide us with a profound explanation of the mutating consciousness that is occurring throughout our world.

Lola Stone

Co-Author of Celestial 911

A MUST READ! This past year I’ve read some important books from the Bible and Plato up to the latest by the Dalai Lama. However, this is one that stood out as touching on some of the most urgent events happening now and seemingly likely to occur in the near future.

There are now and have always been such channelings. This one rings so true that one feels impelled to share its message with others.

Agneta Nordmark


It has been such a mind-bender to read your book! I am now in the second reading…

Chris Schoeman

South Africa

I have just completed the reading of the teachings in your book, The Cosmos of the Soul. Never have I come across teachings that have made such a impact on my life and my perception of our journey to God. How wonderful it must be for you to be of such great value to humanity. What you have shared with us will surely direct thousands of beings in their midst of chaos and uncertainty.

Brigitte Kirian


I already finished reading the book, just couldn’t stop… It is very impressive. Although I already knew a great deal of what you are talking about from publications of a group of people in Madrid who is in contact with extraterrestrials and channeled books and nearly 20 years of yoga practice and study of the Hindu scriptures, there are very new points of view and concepts which I found highly interesting, logical and acceptable. You are doing a great job! Your book gave me a completely new approach

Thomas Menna


When I awoke at 3:30 this morning, I started reading Patricia Cori’s book, The Cosmos of Soul. Wow! I could not put it down. Except for an early-morning walk and a bite of breakfast, I read it straight through. It was wonderful, sitting on my terrace in warm sun and cool breeze, hearing the music of wind chimes and playing the Om Namah Shiva in the background. A few times I had to stop reading just to bask in the wonderfulness of such a situation – such a beauty of sight, sound, ideas, love and peace.

Turtle Rattle Woman

Native American Shaman of the Tsulagi Tribe

COSMOS is indeed the most brilliant book I have read in years, and certainly one of the most important. The Genesis analysis should be required reading for everyone. It is fantastic, and it makes such sense. I am thrilled with your ability to connect so powerfully and eagerly await further revelations.

Babbie de Lorian


Very powerful material from a very profound writer…