Beyond The Matrix


BEYOND THE MATRIX: Daring Conversations with the Brilliant Minds of our Times features no holds barred, in-depth interviews with an array of renowned thinkers, merging science and spirit to explore exciting developments in our collective human process as we transition through the great shift.


A Psychic Explores the New New Age
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In this beautiful book the powerful healer Patricia Cori brings us a tiny sample of just about everything that is important at the cutting edge of science and the New Age. A few short days ago, when I first poked my head into the opening pages of the flagship interview with Dr. Michio Kaku, the string theorist, I quickly found myself staring at a stunning dialog with a great master. Like a Bill Moyers or a Charlie Rose, Ms. Cori is able to set the tone with carefully selected comments, suggestions, and questions. It is very consoling in a time of recession edging into depression to listen to great minds discussing hyperspace dimensions, which might be compactified and invisible or which might perhaps hover a mere millimeter above our universe and show up in the halos of the so called “dark matter”. Dr. Kaku does not rule out Ms. Cori’s suggestions that these higher dimensions, so necessary for the unification of relativity and quantum mechanics, are vehicles of revelation from the spritual and the occult. Though exposed to Christianity as a young person, he chose to adopt the Buddhist faith of his parents. So much of Parallel Worlds is about the reconciliation of the timeless universe of the Clear Light with a fiat universe with a beginning. The Buddhist sensibility of Dr. Kaku sets the tone for the rest of the book which goes on to interviews with such notables as astronaut Edgar Mitchell (very prominent in psychical research and UFOlogy) and the shamanka MaAnna Stephenson. As the book unfolds it becomes increasingly a massive encylopedia of all the latest in the study of the Mayan calendars, the crystal skulls, Roswell, the Great Pyramid, and much else.

Ms. Cori is am intellectual of the first rank, a polymath whose own ideas are clearly focussed. Madame Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner were perhaps the last psychics who were also able to articulate whole systems of coherent ideas relating to the development of man as a spirit.  This book makes a valuable contribution to civilization and it achieves this exalted goal but avoids so much of the weak minded and the mushy often found in New Age texts. I am even reminded a little of the young Colin Wilson who combined an acute scientific and philosophical curiosity with an open minded approach to psi and the occult. Now that science iself has become so bizarre that it often goes begging for a supplemental occult interpretation, it is very important to embrace thinkers with the range and intuitive powers of a Patricia Cori. This book is a must read for anyone who is not dead to the real issues of life.

—Steve Settenreich

Amazing works, but ‘phenomenal’ is far more accurate! Uncanny intuition and incredible psychic gifts have made Patricia Cori an international icon and one of the finest radio hosts on BBS Radio, with her weekly radio program ‘Beyond The Matrix.’ Her extraordinary vision and the way she communicates her truth to her readers will make Patricia a staple in every library. This woman will change your entire life, just like magic!”

—Donald Newsom, president of BBS Network, Inc. (

“Beyond the Matrix is a major work – a real treasure trove of information on so many of the things that matter right now. I am honoured to be a part of it…”

—Andy Thomas, author of The Truth Agenda – organizer of the Glastonbury Symposium

In this captivating new book, Patricia Cori collects some of the most provocative, forward-thinking interviews conducted on her radio show, bringing together leaders in various fields of alternative thinking to propose new and exciting perspectives on the future of humanity as we face the waves of change before us and approach the great shift anticipated in 2012.

Blending science and spirit, Beyond the Matrix presents conversations that cover a bracing range of topics and offers a portrait of a surprisingly optimistic future. The book features in-depth interviews with an array of renowned thinkers:

  • New York Times best-selling author and co-inventor of string theory Michio Kaku
  • Former astronaut and the sixth man on the moon Dr. Edgar Mitchell
  • UFO and Extraterrestrial authority Stanton T. Friedman
  • Crop circle expert Andy Thomas
  • Spiritual teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek
  • Paradigm Research Group director Stephen Bassett
  • Intuitive neurobiologist Dr. Mario Beauregard
  • Roswell investigator Thomas Carey
  • Physicist shamanka MaAnna Stephenson
  • Radical Egyptologist and crystal skull researcher Stephen Mehler
  • Egypt scholar Edward Malkowski
  • Engineer and pyramid decoder Christopher Dunn
  • Mayan timekeeper Stephanie South
  • Visionary economist Thomas H. Greco Jr.
  • Animal activist Mark Hawthorne
  • Revolutionary healer, Jim Humble
  • Founder of Hardy Jones

With its blend of lively dialogue and cutting-edge ideas, Beyond the Matrix offers new visions and inspiration to help us confront the challenges before us.

Patricia Cori is a world-renowned author, speaker, and activist dedicated to awakening the world to a higher perception of what we are capable of becoming.

Beyond the Matrix
Published by North Atlantic Books
ISBN 978-1-55643-893-6
430 pages
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