Trilogy Book II: Atlantis Rising

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At a time when the lost continent is rising to the foreground in our consciousness, the Sirian teachings help us to integrate the knowledge of Atlantis and the fear of the Late Days … fear, they tell us, that we have held in our collective memory until now. Its message educates us to the energies at work in the final hours of the Atlantean civilization. Its intention is to explore the on-going struggle which plagues humankind and our planet, while empowering us with the truth and free will choices that are ours to claim as 21st century residents of a cosmic being about to ascend into the fourth dimension. We are asked to utilize the information to balance the scales of darkness and light at this pivotal moment — a time that parallels the Last Generation of Atlantis — for all humanity, our Earth and the Cosmos.

The premise of these teachings is that those who are drawn to this information were most likely there, struggling in the polar conflict of energies which eventually brought Atlantis to its doom and that we have come back now to help prevent it from happening all over again.

It is a startling, gripping book, determined to “blow the tops” off our cages, as it opens us even more to the knowledge of how we have been manipulated as a race from the days of Atlantis and how we can break free of the chains that have been placed upon us. It calls for all of humankind to rise against the Power — those who secretly rule over our world — and to reclaim our freedom as guardians of Planet Earth and sovereign beings of the greater galactic family. A TRULY empowering read.


  • The Three Cycles of Atlantis
  • The Great Cataclysm of the Late Generation of Atlantis
  • Parallels Between Atlantis and 21st Century Earth Societies
  • The Secret Government & Its Plan for Total World Domination
  • Alien Intervention in Human Affairs
  • The Fate of Nebiru – the Annunaki’s Home Planet
  • The First Sirian Settlers of Atlantis: The Yzhnüni
  • The Subterranean World of Agharta
  • The Mindlight Generators of Atlantis
  • Crystals and Atlantean Culture
  • Tesla – the Alchemist of Atlán
  • The Thirteen Crystal Skulls
  • The Ascension of the Entire Solar System
  • Chemtrails: The Spraying of our Skies
  • HAARP: The Boiling of the Ionosphere
    Military Operations in the Underground



On the Existence of Atlantis:

“Proof of Atlantis lies everywhere around you. It is woven into the fabric of your ancient temples, left in effigy of enlightened civilizations whose knowledge reached the furthest points of your planet. You can find it in the tales of the Elders, who have handed down the story from generation to generation … guardedly sharing the Secret Wisdom with those who could hear it. It is in the song of nature … the rocks and crystals of Gaia, for they hold the vibrations of all that which has passed upon the face of the Earth. It is carved into the landscape, lying upon the sea bed, and coded to the stars above you. Moreover, it is stored within your DNA, lying deep within the wells of your subconscious memory.”

On the Subterranean World of Agharta:

Let us not ignore Earth’s underground, for there is much to tell about the below of your world and so much you need to know about its evolutionary progress. There are many layers, many worlds beyond your field of vision. Much is deliberately hidden there, too, far from the probing eyes of the curious and a lot more than the mere knowledge of the Government’s secret underground cities and bases is beginning to surface now, as your excited Solar Deity illuminates the path of humankind’s ascension … and Atlantis rises in your memory.
As you reach beyond the outer limits of your ‘known’ world, you discover life everywhere just beyond your grasp, there where the Earth establishment’s biological formulas simply don’t apply and life manages to find its way. This is the wonder of Prime Creator, who brings to life the most unlikely settings in the Universe. For all of us, sparks of the Divine, it is the wonder of being part of it all and being ‘all of it’ at the same time!
Conservative biologists cling to their conviction that life, as any other than the most elementary of forms, cannot exist without some degree of sunlight – excluding the possibility of living beings surviving in the underground. They confine Earth’s boundless biological pool to the habitats of the surface world – their infinite living laboratory – yet, millions of species have yet to be detected, so vast is bio-diversity upon your planet.
In the black darkness of the Marianas Trench, so far below sea level that sunlight cannot penetrate its inky depths, hundreds of thousands of spectacular species thrive, undisturbed – the majority of which still await discovery. Yet, most establishment thinkers still insist upon the existence of visible light as an absolute requirement for life to exist in the earth zone … and beyond.
We wish to state emphatically that the mere absence of the visible light of Ra does not exclude the presence of life, and we suggest that the time has come that you release yourselves from this prejudice.
It is enough to investigate the deep of your great oceans to know that unique and yet undiscovered life forms do indeed proliferate in the sunless environments of Planet Earth. Remember that the range of visible light is but a fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum. So are the life forms that require that light but a fraction of those which populate the material realm. Others thrive upon emanations of the high and low ends of the electromagnetic spectrum; these are the biological life forms of the ‘in-visible’ light.
There is no limit to the abundance of life (in all its myriad forms) lying just outside your awareness. Only your restrained imagination prevents you from realizing that everywhere life abounds: in and above your surface world; in the ethers; in the dense rocks and minerals; out in space; in the darkness and the light.
We suggest that those who refuse to consider even a possibility of life in the underground or upon the planets of remote galaxies are those who believe in a finite approach to an infinite Universe. To try to contain the wonders of creation in some pre-conceived formula of proper earth biology, or to believe that, in a Universe of billions of stars, one singular planet orbiting one singular star could possibly enjoy all of the elemental requirements for life to exist is, at the very least, self-serving and confining.
Those of other worlds are incredulous over how your race denies the obvious – that the chemical elements which comprise All-That-Is, as well as the conscious spark which ‘ignites’ them, exist not only upon your planet but everywhere, throughout the Universe, forming in an infinite range of combinations to create the superb diversity of life that defines the very nature of the Cosmos.
Despite the vastness of that diversity, there is a sameness to all life, for all beings are conscious manifestations of the primal thought of the Creator. This is an aspect that we must never overlook in our exploration of other worlds, beings and civilizations, as we examine how the exchange amongst us affects the Universe, as well as our individual experience.
Still in denial over any possibilities that fall outside of the established formulas of the biologists – those ‘scientific’ analysts determined to dissect the miracles of Prime Creator – humankind continually attempts to define the boundaries of Gaian bio-diversity. Yet, unknown species are being discovered almost every day, in the deep oceans and in the deserts, the jungles and the icelands. Always adapting, always finding ways to survive, always defying the limitations of dogmatic thought: this is the nature of life on Earth, as it is throughout the heavens!
Know, too, that as time begins to warp in on you – the tears in the three-dimensional framework are bringing forth prehistoric creatures, supposedly extinct bacterial forms and mutants from the so-called ‘future’. These will soon move from legend, myth and science fiction to the foreground of human discovery, where they will then be poked, burned and ‘anatomized’ in the name of scientific analysis.
We are telling you that life abounds at all levels of existence: in every environment, in one form or another … in simultaneous time. The material universe is seething with it; the multidimensional realms are pure consciousness. It is above, around and below you. It is within. And, although most of the human race still believes that yours is the only planet of life in the Cosmos – positioning you as the Masters of the Universe – we assure you that you are not necessarily perceived as such by the countless billions of thinking, conscious creatures that live along side of you: upon and within the Earth, throughout the multidimensional Universe and in the ethers.
Therefore, we ask that you allow yourselves to envision at least a possibility that life could also exist in the underground, where before you may have only imagined slime and hellish phantoms … or nothing more than steaming rocks and a vaporous void. Perhaps a snake or reptile has slithered across the screen of your conscious imaginings of such a world, but few of you readily accept the idea that contemporary societies of thinking, productive and highly-evolved beings may actually thrive in the sun-deprived world below.
Yet, it is so.
For untold millennia, the inner plains of your planet have hosted quite remarkable colonies of exquisite plant and animal species, some of whom were your long-forgotten human ancestors of Atlantis.
The greater body of natives, living in the highly populated coastal region of the continent, perished with the last great ice age, the closing of the second cycle of Atlantis. A substantial number of mountain dwellers, however, survived by taking refuge in the warmth of Gaia’s inner body – for upon the continent of Atlantis were located numerous passageways into the deep inner lands of your planet.
Like many beings throughout the Cosmos, your great ancestors’ migrations into the ‘cave lands’ were initially intended as a temporary reprieve – a matter of waiting out the cataclysmic events at the surface from the safe haven of the planet’s protective inner being. They trusted that there they would find protection and that the way of survival would be shown them, especially since the frozen surface had become an absolutely inhospitable reality … and death was certain for those who remained above. There was, for all intents and purposes, nowhere else to turn. However, as they journeyed inward, many of the surface evacuees realized that they’d reached a terrestrial paradise – as if life in the often harsh conditions of the surface had merely served as a testing ground from which they had graduated and, in a sense, ‘gone to heaven’.
There, in the rich underground of the continent, the Atlantean settlers found all the geophysical elements necessary to survive the freezing of the continent and more. Inner Earth was warm and lush, and as they penetrated deeper they found, to their amazement, an abundance of water: first streams and then rivers, which eventually led them to the shores of a great sea, bearing some very unusual forms of life.
They learned quickly how to adapt to the difficulties of their new home by studying and interacting with the species of the underground. Of these, there were sources of food, monitors of the other world, light bearers and scavengers. All were respected for their role in the perfect balance of the ecosystems. The second cycle Atlanteans, who had the utmost respect for all the living beings of Earth, were non-invasive newcomers to the underground and that respectful approach aided their acclimatization.
Consider, now, that by the end of the second cycle, the Atlantean civilization had attained technological sophistication. Isn’t it plausible that they might have mastered technology to a point that enabled them to enjoy lighting, climate control and other modern comforts, such as those that you have created since the turn of the 20th century – a mere one hundred years in linear time?
Our telling you that generations of second cycle Atlanteans built complex energy networks and extensive artificial lighting (with which they successfully grew abundant food supplies) deep within the Earth may test your credibility … but it shouldn’t, for it is no greater an accomplishment than your own extraordinary technological advancement … in far less time. To this day, hydroponic agriculture, growth-stimulated with alternative lighting, furnishes over 80% of the food required to sustain entire populations – all vegetarian – in the underground.
The mindlight generator network of the Last Generation of third cycle Atlanteans is only one example of the potential technology that would be required to create such subterranean power plants. Your contemporary engineers would be capable of inventing far more sophisticated solutions than those they are designing for the subsurface military stations, were they assigned the task of powering the deep, inner world with energy. Such designs would, by necessity, fall under the category of ‘free energy’ systems, ecologically-sound sources of energy that involve recycling waste and harnessing the winds and waters of Gaia to create light and other expressions of energy. These methods are available to you now, if only the Power would place earth ecology over profit and greed.
If you just imagine the last one hundred years of progress and your technological achievements as a race, your resistance to these ideas may just yield to the wonder of such possibilities.

On Crystal Technology:

“Consider that the innate capabilities of Homo Sapiens are a constant throughout your existence; your species’ DNA blueprint is fundamentally identical. Although racial characteristics differ according to the original mixing of seed, only the evolutionary triggers and external influences affect the speed with which your race advances. If you look at the giant leaps in technology that you have taken in the last ten years, you should not find it inconceivable that over thousands of years the Atlanteans moved from crystal mountain healing caves to entire cities illuminated by underground crystal generators, programmed to capture human brain waves and transform them into light. This is a logical progression of your advancement, given the genetic resources of the human being, extra-terrestrial intervention at key points in your evolution and the available resources on Planet Earth.

As you learn and experiment now with crystal energies, you are becoming ever more aware of how different minerals exhibit many subtle variations in their vibratory rates. Pure quartz, a hexagonal crystal matrix formed of silicon dioxide, is the ideal mineral for utilization in amplification, transfer and storage of all frequencies and emanations. It has forever been used throughout the galaxy for the transference of information, the light of wisdom and love, and still today it is the essential element of your electronic revolution. It is significant, relevant to the Atlantean paradigm, that modern earth technology is dependent upon the infinitesimal microscopic sliver of quartz, which forms the microchip of your most extensive and sophisticated equipment.

In essence, without quartz, there would most likely have never been a technological revolution on Planet Earth.”



Richard Dill
I have just finished Atlantis Rising, I did not want to but I could not put it down. The book held me to it like a magnet. Atlantis Rising rings of the truth, anyone that reads it and even if they only accept a part of it as true cannot longer stand by and claim ” I didn’t know ” . Atlantis Rising calls out ” this is your history and could be your future” It is time to stand up, turn off our televisions, computer games, remove self made clutter and distractions and find your way out of the dark, hypnotic state you fell into. You, Patricia Cori, and The Sirian High Council, and all the other beings are the sunlight of a new dawn clearing away the darkness. Universal Blessings,

George Deikun

Atlantis Rising is one of the most powerful books written in the last decade. The book provides fresh and fascinating perspectives on Earth’s evolution and how each of us can play a vital role in it. The book is a MUST READ for anyone concerned with a understanding the LOGOS or reconnecting with Atlantean roots.

Tamar Brooks
Los Angeles

The second book in the trilogy, covers our connection to the concept of Atlantis, as both a reality and an intellectual paradigm. The actual civilization has risen and declined no less than three times, and is once again about to make its presence felt in a culmination of all that has gone before. We must know and accept this information so that we can learn from it and progress on our evolutionary path.

Patricia Cori has been given a bounty of extremely helpful information from the Speakers of the Sirian High Council, and before you allow yourself to put up resistance to such sources, simply check it out and I am sure it will ring true for you as it has for me. More importantly in light of the coming changes that we have all come to expect, I think it is extremely urgent to get this information out.

Just as the Dark Priests of Atlan were able to use the knowledge and technology of that time and turn it against us, she cautions that similar things could well be happening today. Perhaps we should not be so trusting of our computers, our televisions and of course the “powers that be”. Her book weaves the truth behind so many controversial topics into a cohesive and understandable whole and connects the dots between subjects like HAARP and Tesla technology, (as the power-elite try to harness the energies of Gaia for their own will), Subterranean Worlds (i.e. The Inner Earth), Earth changes (“Gaia¹s uncontrollable response to man¹s abuse of power”) and intervention from forces beyond the earth.

She urges us to confront the shadow within ourselves and depend on our own strength, concentration and focused will to heal and uplift our civilization. “We must not become lazy and bored and acquiesce to our virtual realities,” but allow the seed thought of the Supreme Being which is in every one of us, to evolve as our soul continues in the “eternal state of Œbecoming¹ in the Universe.”

Read about how this whole situation, the struggle of the Dark, Evil forces against the forces of Light was begun with the Annunaki, the returning inhabitants of Nibiru. She gives Zecharia Sitchin a nod and explains further the purpose and consequences of that civilization¹s meddling with our existence. She also covers the face on Mars, the significance of a civilization there now, and even the entities on the moon, and gives credit to Richard Hoagland as well for bringing this evidence to us in a good scientific fashion despite NASA¹s denials. All these topics are woven skillfully together, along with information about the role played by the Dolphin beings as well as the Crystal Skulls and even the purpose of the Chem.Trails.

Art Bell fans, you will find so many of Art¹s topics interwoven into a convincing, coherent story. As that Mayan end date approaches, 12-21-2002, there is much that we need to know and much that we need to do. We are and will be receiving help from as yet unseen places (even the Sun itself) and this is all re-assuring. But we must do our part and take our rightful place in the Cosmos. The first two books of this trilogy (the third is not yet published) guide us in this direction. Read them and decide for yourself. (Please see my review of The Cosmos of Soul: A Wake-Up Call for Humanity).