A Starseed Awakening
A CD of Channeled Meditations

starseed awakening CDHere is Patricia’s first CD, dedicated to the opening of the heart and the retrieval of the third strand of DNA.

The powerful and deep meditations, channeled material that will guide you through the process of soul retrieval and the activation of the third strand of DNA, are the following:

… The wake up call
… A window opens – the Sirians speak
… Calling the light ones – an evocation
… Soul retrieval meditation
… DNA activation: the matrix of higher consciousness

A Starseed Awakening
A CD of Channeled Meditations

Price: $12.95 (plus shipping and handling)


Doug Kimball
The Controversial Bookstore

“As profound as it gets..”

Isis Livingstone
Shambhala Healing Retreat, Glastonbury

“A life-changing, peak experience which has created expansion of spirit to levels only “remembered”. Physically, a glowing warmth bliss in the thymus, which looked like a beautiful, intricate crystalline snowflake matrix.
My aura has expanded 25%.

Daisy Foss
Reiki Master London

“This was a very powerful activation  it felt like a moving, sparkling ribbon of diamond shapes, both inside and out. I slept for three hours afterwards.
Awakening, my clairvoyance had expanded as if a veil had lifted  today I feel more complete than ever before!”

Pam Ryan
Massage therapist and body worker US

“Wonderful beyond words! The implosion of light behind my eyes with the tetrahedron was just amazing”

Kaylene Wynn

“It is very powerful indeed. I feel there has been a shift in my energy and that it is also reflecting in the reiki’s I also do.”