Patricia Cori

As the teams of shadow worshippers continue their global campaign of fear and manipulation of the human race, we are seeing more and more sacred symbols being hijacked by the dark side and then cast upon the human psyche in covert and overt messages everywhere around us: film, the music industry, government and advertising.

Some of our most sacred symbols have fallen prey to these manipulations, to the point that many people now fear and reject some of these precious icons because they do not remember their true meaning, and this is a grievous loss. And so I have set out on a quest to dispel some of the more obvious subversions of symbols and geometry that have served, across time, the light forces and spiritual seekers who have worshipped and celebrated their energetic properties.

REMEMBER that a symbol is, of itself, inert. It is the intention of the designer, the creator, the worshipper that energizes and empowers the form. It is time we reclaim these forms, and honor them as they have been for so many millennia, across the ancient world, rather than relinquishing them to forces that wish to convince us of their ‘dark’ persuasion and power over us all.  That is being carved into our subconscious, especially the youth, and as lightworkers we have a responsibility to reverse the reversal and reclaim the light.

My intention here is to awaken you to aspects that may have eluded you – or aspects that you may fear – and disarm the dark intention that is being imposed on our psyches. Here, then, are some of the more glaring thefts of sacred symbolism:



During my early travels in Tibet, twenty years ago, I discovered that the Swastika symbol of the Nazi’s was a reversal of a sacred symbol that I found everywhere on my journey – on temple walls, tattooed on monks, even in the Potala Palace. The Dalai Lama’s own altar bears four swastikas, did you know that? My research soon showed me that the symbol we know as the Swastika was, in more ancient times (and no doubt pre-Hitler years) widely used as a  symbol of good fortune, blessings and prosperity.

Across Asia, the original right hand swastika, which moves in a CLOCKWISE energy dynamic, is still celebrated as a symbol of the sun, revolving, fire and life.

You can often find this symbol on statues of the Buddha, carved at the chest, or on the soles of his feet.

buddhist-swastika nazi-sawastika

This right hand swastika (the Buddhist symbol above) is used by religions or belief systems, such as Buddhism, that  have, as their core and fundamental teaching, the concept of non-violence. It is used widely in Hindu and Buddhist traditions but has also been celebrated by the Navajo and Zuni nations. The influence of the symbol, which is so widespread that it has even been found in a Paleolithic cave dating to at least 10,000 years ago, was hijacked by the Nazis, reversed and tilted into the 45 degree angle), and used to represent the opposite of what the sacred symbol has meant throughout the ages.

Hitler turned the swastika counter clockwise and destabilized its energy, just as he destabilized the world, and created the mass mindset of a symbol that now represents to the collective consciousness destruction, suffering and suppression.

Most people don’t even notice the different direction of the symbol. This is how subtle manipulation works, even though there is nothing subtle about the utter evil intent behind Hitler’s modified swastika symbol.


The various poses and hand positions of the Buddha are referred to as “mudras,” which means “signs” or “seals” in Sanskrit. The mudra is a deliberate evocation of certain Buddhist philosophies, to be used in meditation. As the goal of Buddhism is to reach enlightenment, or nirvana, through the process of meditation, the various mudras are tools the practicing Buddhist works with in the journey of spiritual discipline, the overcoming of suffering, and the achievement of this state of blissful detachment from the sensate world of samsara.                                  

In the image (right), the Abhaya mudra of the Buddha is the mudra of peace, protection and the dispelling of fear.  In fact the word Abhaya means “fearlessness” in Sanskrit. An ancient legend has it that one of the Buddha’s relatives was so consumed with jealousy of him that he decided to murder the Buddha by sending a rampaging elephant to cross Buddha’s path. When the animal was confronted with the Abhaya mudra that Buddha displayed, he was instantly calmed. Hence, the symbol is used to demonstrate the calming of the beast-or animal self, and the absence of fear. Now look at this:


How interesting then that the Buddhist mudra hand position for DISPELLING fear has now been altered, to INSTILL FEAR. The music industry uses this symbol all the time – the three fingers are open and the index finger and thumb (which don’t close the circle completely as in the Buddhist position) to form the number 6. The idea is 666 – you know the rest.

Those who wish to instill fear are intent upon eliminating the intention of dispelling fear and what better way than to kidnap and distort the very symbol that has served in calming the beast of fear within seekers of the spiritual path for so many millennia?


This very powerful Buddhist hand position which is depicted on Buddha images with the second or third finger connecting with the thumb is about warding off evil, expelling negative intent and energies, expelling ‘the demon’. It is used in feng shui to protect shrines, sacred places of worship and the home.

This mudra is depicted either vertically or horizontally, with one or both of the middle two fingers connecting with the thumb and the index and little fingers extended outwards. It was used in early times to depict the horns of a yak holding strength against an enemy, and has been depicted in many societies over time to indicate warding off evil. Even today, in Italy and many other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures, this sign represents that very idea.

This symbol has been widely recognized and established as some sort of inner code of satanic or ‘devil’ worship that we have seen everywhere: Presidents, the Pope, political leaders, and the standard music and entertainment industries. It’s known as the sign of the devil. These forces love the irony of twisting light into dark interpretations and intent. From the idea of ‘warding off” the dark intention they have transformed the gesture into ‘worshipping’ and empowering the dark intention. Clever, eh? And they all use it: it’s the code of the Illuminati, and their cult. 

Let us understand this phenomenon, recall the beauty of the origins of symbols that have been kidnapped and transformed into their opposite meanings, and release the fear that is still held in their sway. This is the way of the lightworker – shining light into dark corners.

obsao pope_ratzinger_handsign-satanic

Stay tuned for Part 2  Egyptian symbolism – next newsletter.

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