Los Angeles, CA  – August 14, 2013 – Global Entertainment Holdings (OTC: GBHL) announced today that it has optioned the motion picture and television rights to “The Emissary”, a novel by internationally renowned writer and visionary, Patricia Cori. The book is to be published by North Atlantic Books and marketed/distributed by Random House and is set for a March 2014 date.

Cori, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, has been immersed in the New Thought Movement since its inception. She has been recognized and celebrated as a gifted shaman by indigenous spirit teachers of the Tibetan, Mayan, and Peruvian traditions. Patricia’s books, The Sirian Revelations, have enjoyed worldwide acclaim and have been re-released to a vast global audience in nearly two dozen languages. Her latest best-seller, Before We Leave You: Messages From the Great Whales and the Dolphin Beings, received rave reviews.

Daniel Sherkow, COO of Global Entertainment, called The Emissary “an extraordinary adventure story that features a strong and charismatic heroine with paranormal powers and a quest to save the world from dark and devious powers on land and in the sea. We couldn’t be more pleased than to be working with Patricia whose immense talent is evident in the fascinating plot and characters that she has so masterfully written.” Sherkow continued, “The nature of the story, with wondrous settings, action sequences, and a strong message about the preservation of the Earth, will attract top acting and filmmaking talent and make for a compelling and entertaining motion picture.  Patricia has done an eloquent job.  We can’t wait to start production.”

Cori added, “Being guided to the right filmmakers for my upcoming novel, The Emissary, is a miracle in the making. I’m delighted that it is in the hands of the experienced and professional team at Global Entertainment, whom I know will bring the story to life with a gripping screen adaptation. Thanks to Dan Sherkow for his vision and determination.”

Gary Rasmussen, CEO of Global Entertainment, stated, “The Emissary works on so many levels. We believe the project will deliver ‘box office appeal’, leading to significant and positive financial results for Global Entertainment and our shareholders.”

About Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (OTC: GBHL) is a publicly-held, entertainment company. The Company’s goal is to build a worldwide entertainment organization with a multitude of domestic and foreign production affiliates.  GBHL, operating through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Global Universal Film Group, Inc., Global Universal Entertainment, Inc., and its partially-owned Canadian subsidiary Global Universal Pictures, is in the process of developing and producing a slate of motion pictures in Canada and the U.S., employing recognizable-named talent, for worldwide release.  GBHL is focused on the financing and marketing of these feature-length films.