Not on our Watch!

Patricia Cori
President and CEO of Save Earth’s Oceans, Inc.
October 5, 2012

In the event you still have not heard of the latest atrocity being perpetrated against  the Cetacean Nation, please read what I am about to share with you with focus, determination and your greatest sense of humanity.
For the first time since 1993, a consortium of U.S. marine entertainment parks and aquariums across the country has placed its order to purchase 18 wild beluga whales (endangered species) from Russia, where they have been kidnapped from their pods and taken into custody in the Bay of the Sea of Okhotsk. There, they are confined in a holding pen awaiting transport half way around the world to become captives of Sea World and other prisons – scheduled to happen at the end of this year.
At the forefront of this collective of entities that enslave sea mammals for human entertainment are the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, and the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. It should be noted, as well, that in the hands of the Georgia Aquarium, captive Beluga whales have already died in their water world cages, condemned to performing for humans, rather than living their lives free­  – out in the wild, as is their right as sentient beings on this planet.
NOAA, the fisheries organization, is accepting public feedback through October 29th, 2012. Your voice needs to be heard NOW – louder and clearer than ever before!  If ever you have ever cared about the whales and dolphins, indeed all the living beings of the oceans, now is the time to become involved in an engaged and determined manner. Be aware that they also plan to take at least 30 more whales per year -hence this is not a one-time event but, rather, a planned on-going abduction process, designed to provide wild animals as circus acts for public viewing entertainment and who knows what other abuses, including using them for “scientific evaluation.”
This flagrant abuse of our oceans and the living beings that inhabit them is now underway but there is still time to stop it.
The newly founded non-profit organization, SAVE EARTH’S OCEANS, INC, is determined to assist in saving the Belugas from the indignity of being taken from their communities and placed in confinement for the entertainment industry. Here is what we are proposing in these CRITICAL days of campaigning for our beloved Cetacean family:
Save Earth’s Oceans, Inc. is determined to indentify and support organizations that are mutually cooperative and who are specifically involved in stopping this slaving deal (because that IS what it is, no matter how they wish to spin it) from passing.
Our organization is offering a $5,000 grant to the one organization or individual whom we deem is currently the most effectively involved in halting this transfer and working to assure it does not happen now or in the future.
To be eligible to apply for this grant, applicants must provide the following:
1. Campaign strategies and activities already underway to include media campaigns, petitions, actions planned. Ideally, candidates will be present and speaking on behalf of the beluga whales at the public hearing on Oct. 12th – only one week away. The meeting is being held at: NOAA Silver Spring Metro Center Complex NOAA Science Center 1301 East-West Highway Silver Spring, MD 20910 from 14:00-17:00 EDT.

2. Names of decision makers within the organization, with direct contact  telephone and email numbers.

3. Active website with information for the public on this issue and broad reaching activity on public social media.

4. A profile of how the funds will be utilized for the release of the Beluga whales before the transfer is made at the end of this year.

5. The ability and willingness to work side by side with Save Earth’s Oceans, Inc. and other like-minded organizations to create a coalition of human beings intent upon saving the Cetacean Nation from extinction.

Due to the obvious time constraints before us, we require that all applications for the grant be submitted no later than October 21, which will still allow for time to affect the outcome of this crime against the Cetacean Nation.
Please send your application for urgent consideration to:
Patricia Cori
Chief Executive Officer
In our attempts to save these great mammals, we will be sending out additional notices calling for your help – whatever you can do! Please stay tuned in as we mount our multi-tiered campaign so that we can rally as many conscious human beings as possible and SAVE THE BELUGA WHALES.
In light of the urgency and enormity of this undertaking, please forward this as far and wide as you possibly can…to everyone you know and beyond and let us bring this information to so many human beings that we will be enabled, as a collective, to make the change we want for the world and for our beloved Cetacean family.
Save Earth’s Oceans, Inc. is an official non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization registered with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.
Your donation, however small, will help us continue our fight! Here’s the link: