Beloved starseed family – calling all healers – calling all angels.

Majken has just texted me about a very urgent very critical situation that requires our FULL ON ATTENTION. Miracle needed now, right now.

Her friend’s young son is in the hospital after a case of pneumonia revealed a huge tumor-like mass over the lung and growing into the ribcage. According to the doctors it is inoperable and if they find malignancy they are going to want to start chemo. The mom does not want to undertake this horrible treatment and I am determined that we can create the miracle and destroy the mass.

Here is the plan:
We need to involve as many people especially remote healers as possible in this healing miracle event. Tomorrow 31 December at 17:00 gmt – 9 am California time for ONE ENTIRE HOUR and please check worldwide for your time. We are going to BOMBARD this growth with light – targeted light beams like LASERS of love light directed from us all and using the clock as our point of location (not as a measure of the time but rather as an indication of the location point from where we are sending our targeted beams.. We will start at the position of 1 o’clock and take 5 minutes, zapping the growth from that location and then move to 2:00, another 5 at that location etc alla round the clock which will take an entire hour until we reach 12:00, and then we just send as much light and love into this mass as we can gather, bringing in as many loving beings as we can, seeing the mass shrinking shrinking shrinking and letting go of this little beautiful soul.

This requires the kind of focus and love that we know we can create and we are capable of. Please tell all your friends, all your healers, this is an appeal for global help so that this beautiful child and his loving family can enter the New Year with hope for what we wish to create as a miracle intervention.

Please help with all your power and love and light. And if you know people in spiritual media, please ask them to spread the word around the world and spread the light. Even the whales are helping! They too have heard the call.

Attached is a CAT scan of his little body with the huge mass. Please start focusing now, please start seeing shrink from the minute you read this message, and then tomorrow join this immense campaign to heal this child.

Thank you for all you do and all you are