Delighted to announce that I will be the featured guest on Coast to Coast AM syndicated radio a number of subjects dear to us all: the transformational shift that we are clearly undergoing, ET and extradimensional contact, quantum physics, crop circles – with a focus on how science and spirit are merging in humankind’s pursuit to understand our role in the greater cosmic scheme! This is a whopping three hour interview on January 10th (that’s Monday!) at 11 pm pst time. Here’s the link: and you can check the site to find the radio station in your city (the show is on syndicated broadcast radio) or how to tune in via internet. Please join us – let’s get to the heart of our understanding that we are all (left and right brainers/scientists and spiritualists)  in search of the same essential unveiling: what is the origin of the universe, what is the essence and purpose of life and ARE WE ALONE?

That’s Monday – January 10th, 11 pm. I hope you’ll be there!