From: Dr. Tom Termotto

Dear Florida Resident,
many have asked us to point out that, in addition to the success here in Leon County referred to below, there has been a parallel statewide initiative undertaken as well. For those concerned about the harm done across the entire state of Florida by the Systematic, Indiscriminate, Wide Area Spraying of Toxic Insecticides, we have been working closely with the Florida DEP, Dept. of Public Health, Dept. of Agriculture, as well as with Governor Crist’s office. Likewise, both the county and the state have been put on notice regarding the extraordinary legal exposure and potential liabilities – both compensatory and punitive – associated with the continuation of a governmental program which sponsors chemical trespass on a daily basis, with all of its obvious medical risks and public health consequences. Finally, we have initiated a national media strategy in order to significantly and quickly expand the awareness of this serious environmental and health disaster among the general public. The key here has always been education and, particularly, disseminating accurate information. As follows:

The major chemical companies that have a financial stake in the distribution of pesticides possess vast warehouses of these products that are earmarked for county mosquito control programs across the country. These supplies do have expiration dates which necessitate their use within specified time frames by the myriad counties under contract. Hence we have county mosquito control programs that are put under enormous pressure (corporate-driven) to move these storehouses of insecticides any way they can. This dynamic gives explanation as to why such extraordinary and often irrational policies/procedures are put into place by county mosquito control programs —> to ensure a rapid and efficient utilization of these toxic chemicals, whether they’re needed/wanted or not.
The attendant PR campaign has always revolved around the single case of encephalitis that somehow warrants the massive aerial and wide area spraying of multi-county regions of the state. Not only is this “War on the Mosquito” fraught with collateral damage to every other living organism in the targeted environments, it is also designed to lull the public into believing that the mosquito populations are being properly managed, when in fact they are not. Adding insult to this injury is the FACT that these adulticides are only marginally effective, and even serve to encourage the emergence of super-strains of mosquitoes which have become immune to these supposed mosquitocides. This means that we are regularly being poisoned for very little benefit, except to add to the bottom line of the makers of ANVIL (sumithrin), the adulticide of choice in Leon County, as well as many other counties in Florida.

One of the commissioners during the meeting on Nov. 10 astutely observed that there were many residents from counties all over Florida who were present or who gave public comment, and appropriately concluded that what we were witnessing was a “movement”. Therefore, please do not hesitate to pass along this email to anyone you feel may want to join this advocacy movement. The more enlightenment concerning this issue, the more difficult it will be for the pesticide manufacturers to foist their noxious chemicals on the public at large.

Thanking you again for your contribution to this great victory,

Board of Directors

PS We ask non-Florida residents to be aware that the ultimate outcome of this process will undoubtedly have a great impact on the national posture toward this chemically barbaric practice. If we should be successful in banning this policy here in Florida, aka the mosquito capital of the country, a very strong precedent will be set which can be used to effectively terminate similar programs throughout the other 49 states.