From: Robert Phoenix

Hello Friends,

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday to the best of their ability. I
will forsake you my own internal conflict as I seek to resolve the bloodshed
in The Middle East, the failing economy and a general sense of foreboding
that I have been wrestling with for weeks, because as I feel the magnitude
of events now being played out, I have also been feeling and sensing
signifcant shifts in what we call the space time continuum. These shifts
result in a higher level of synchronicity than ever before, occuring both on
and offline as there appears to be two major events taking place.

The first is the speeding up of time. I won’t go into details here, but you
can go to my website where I explore how the shift of Pluto into Capricorn
is transforming the very nature of time itself. Events are accelerating at
a pace where it will be nearly impossible to to keep up with them.

The second is the malleability of what we call a shared or “consensus
reality.” It has come to my attention that we are in a unique phase where
through our attention and intention, we can actually change various
timelines. In essence, we are not slaves to time or fate and while we are
not omnisicient and cannot control all of creation, we have much more
influence than we understand. We are not mute and paralytic in the face of
war, famine or poverty. We have the ability to impact the very nexus of
will as it manifests into the world.

How do we do this? We do this by being conscious and aware, by being
authentic and by refusing to believe the official story. We do this by
opening our hearts and our minds to the type of world we wish to inhabit,
not the one that we are given.

Living is an act of creativity and powerful imagination, being evoked from a
place of passion.

That said, I am initiating the first of what I hope to be a number catalytic
events that will take place both on and offline in 2009 as Jupiter moves
into Aquarius and affords us the opportunity to tap into visionary energy.

This Wednesday morning, on the 31st of December, I am staging a soft-launch,
a casual experiment in meditation and observation called, “Gathering In the

We will gather together in the privacy of our own spaces for thirty minutes,
breath, relax and witness what comes to mind. Your job is to record what
you think are interesting, strange or pertinent toughts, images, phrases,
names, places, etc. Later that day, you can come by my website and add your
experience as a comment to the post I will be adding that morning.

My goal is to see what kind of non-local communication we can achieve and
see if there are any overarching patterns to the experience.

This is a prime day on The Mayan Calendar, “Five Caban” and the energy is
ripe for synchronistic connection.

If you have recived this email, it’s because I believe that you would be
interested in joining me and others during this time.

It’s a very basic exercise and there is no pass or fail–just participation.

Here are the plain details:

WED 12/31/08

You can find out more details on my website along with info like the
connection between Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and The Merovingians, The
Astrology Of The Federal Reserve Act and Woodrow Wilson and Keanu Reeves as
archetypal cyber-christ.