Searching for Divine Messages in all the Wrong Places

Patricia Cori

7 October 2008

halo over peruJust back from a SoulQuest spirit journey to Peru, I returned to a number of email messages regarding a recent‘ upside down rainbow’ observed in the sky being celebrated as a sign of ‘divine intervention’ in earth affairs. The phenomenon, reported in the Daily Mail days ago, set off a flurry of messages as to its otherworldly origins and mystical meanings, some connecting its appearance at this time as some sort of precursor to the prophesized appearance of a gigantic E.T. Mothership, due (according to psychic prediction) to appear in the Southern hemisphere on the 18th of October.

As we spin rapidly into uncharted realities, we are witness to many new and unexplainable mysteries– from crop circles to aerial events and these are all justifiably piquing our curiosity, our thoughts and emotions. But let us not, in our innocence and anticipation of magical moments to come, lose our balance, giving away our power (just as the gullible Maya, disempowered by their own intention to see in the devastating Spanish invaders the return of Quetzalcoatl) to the illusions of what we wish to interpret as mystical experiences … but which, on closer inspection, are very tangible, very strange 21st century phenomena.

During my latest SoulQuest journey to Peru, some members of my group, unfamiliar with the chemtrail phenomenon, were awed by just such an event in the skies over the high Andes days ago, as we drove from Cusco to Lake Titicaca. I hated to be the bearer of bad tidings, pointing out that there was more to the episode than meets the third eye.

Having studied and written about the chemtrail campaign around the world for over ten years now, I was nonetheless surprised to see that even the breathtaking turquoise skies over the remote peaks of the Andes are being smeared with the dense chemical sprays of that still covert global military operation that has, in these recent years, turned our once-blue skies into a paste of gauze-like gray haze.

Stirring the excitement was the appearance of what some mistook to be divine double rainbows around the sun, viewed from Cusco as we departed for the eight hour overland drive to Puno. The sun was nearly obliterated by the mass cover of chemtrails evidenced in the opacity of the sky, which created a dull rainbow effect as the light refracted through the toxic cocktail of mysterious substances being sprayed down upon us with unrelenting persistence.

double halo

Here below, in a second frame, you can clearly see the hazy substance permeating the sky, causing the light rays of the sun to refract into the rainbow-like spectrum of light filtering through the cloud-like, chemical smear filling the sky:

chem trails

The chemically-induced halo effect around the sun lasted well over five hours with continued spraying filling the sky throughout the morning: an amazing network of grids and 90degree turns revealed the man-made nature of the so-called ‘upside down’ rainbow miracle being heralded across our information networks as a message of divine presence in the skies above.


We are facing a very new world, filled with secrets and darkness just as much it reflects the wonders of the new light of awakening. Let us stand tall in commitment to serving in that process of renewal and rebirth, grounded in truth as much as we are flying on the wings of anticipation. Now is a time to be far more discerning than ever before, helping each other understand the magnitude of what is occurring as we shift into a new age for humankind.

If we are to be powerful, credible and of service during this transition, (however perceived), we need our eyes wide open as we build the paradigms of a new world. Miracles there are – countless and continuous and there will be so many more in the days ahead. But alas, fellow journeyers, upside down rainbows surrounded in gauze and haze remain glued to the lower vibrations of whomever commands at the very top levels of the secret government.

It is indeed intervention, but not of the divine intention.

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