Well, another story about a top secret briefing by NASA to the White House about a scientific discovery.

In the past, NASA has had these slip outs of information that they find exciting and we and the press sit on the edge of our seats only to find out that one would need three doctorates in physics to even give a darn about the new NASA discovery. That doesn’t stop NASA from teasing us with this type of showmanship and the press eats it up because they know we can’t resist a mystery and a secret.

We humans just love a secret. We can’t wait to learn a new secret after swearing our own secrecy not to divulge it and then go blab it to everyone we can find. Just slap a big “SECRET” sign on something and it’ll be Katie-bar-the-door.

So, now we have to wait to hear what the Mars Phoenix Lander has to say next about the mysterious red planet. So far, it’s told us Mars has ice and water. My cousin Elmer discovered the same thing by looking out his window with his telescope but no one listens to Elmer, not even his wife.

For some reason this Mars Phoenix Lander could travel a quarter billion miles to Mars, land, and can only tell us what’s in the dirt on Mars. It wasn’t equipped with a device to find life for some strange reason. That’s sort of like sending someone to the Bahamas without shorts. You just want them to tell you the weather is warm and the beaches are beautiful but they can’t go swimming or sunbathing.

That’s government for you. Gotta have that dragged on suspense and then big secret so some politician can appropriate more funds to keep us in suspense and mystery. I have a feeling President Bush, the man who couldn’t find Osama Bin Laden will announce something about life and Mars and all of us will just yawn and go back to more important things like pestering Congress as to what they’re going to do about all the alien abductions and such that we’ve been complaining about for the past 60 years or so.

Stranger things have happened.