There’s also something else happening in society today that might have a chance of helping us all win back our freedoms: People-powered surveillance and the YouTube phenomenon!

YouTube is amazing. That’s where regular people can post videos of things they’ve video recorded in society. The police hate YouTube because it puts them on the record beating innocents, tasering students, and violating people’s civil rights.

Watch how the police assault this woman with a taser:

Don’t forget the “Don’t Tase Me Bro” incident at the University of Florida:

In this next video, Canadian police EXECUTE a Polish man with a taser:

Here’s a video about a 78-year-old man being tasered by L.A. cops:

Here’s a frightening compilation of numerous police brutality videos:

(Warning: GRAPHIC, contains profanity)
Most of this video was taken by amateurs.

And don’t forget these amateur photos taken by idiot U.S. soldiers at Abu Ghraib:

Keep those videos rolling
Video is our secret weapon against the tyrants. That’s why authorities hate YouTube so much. Just this week, a group of Canadian health researchers slammed YouTube, claiming it had too many videos from people giving out “false” information about vaccines. (That “false” information, it turned out, was urging parents to avoid vaccinating their children due to the link between mercury in vaccines and autism.)
There are a lot of good cops out there, and local law enforcement is, of course, a necessary thing. But there are bad cops, bad soldiers and bad tyrants out there, too, and it’s the job of reasonable people everywhere to catch these perpetrators on video, post it on YouTube, and share it with the world.

A surveillance society can work both ways, you see. While the tyrants are surveilling the People, the People can also surveil the tyrants. Plus, we’ve got the internet on our side (because information WANTS to be free!), which gives us the ability to bypass the mainstream media and share information directly with the people.

The internet could be the single most important tool in the regaining of freedom and civil liberties in America and other countries.

So keep those cell phone videos rolling. Keep a compact video camera handy for all occasions. When the authorities step out of line, press the record button and try not to get your ass arrested. Book it back home, upload it to YouTube, and send me the link. We’ll spread the word. (You can reach me through our feedback form, see the Contact Us link on our home page.)

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