Using Dietary Supplements in Patient Care Congressional Briefing

According to the 129-page annual report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers published in the journal Clinical Toxicology (Feb 2007), the National Poising and Exposure Database showed that there was not even one death cause by vitamins in 2005 yet dietary supplements are increasingly attacked and scrutinized. The media, allopathic medicine, and Quackbusters, among others, continue to criticize, mislead, and misinterpret the safety, effectiveness, and even regulations of dietary supplements.

Several well-respected practitioners and scientists will be briefing Congress and the public on the use of dietary supplements in treating patients in the United States.

Whether it’s using dietary supplements as an alternative to drugs or surgery, finding relief when there is no other option, or saving the patient or taxpayer money, dietary supplements are a misunderstood but vital component of our healthcare system.

It’s time to get the true facts. September 26, 2007, the American Association for Health Freedom presents Using Dietary Supplements in Patient Care Congressional Briefing– speakers to be announced shortly.

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