Judith Reisman

On May 1, some thousands of New Jersey children were sadistically violated by Comcast’s screening of pornography on the Disney Playhouse cable channel.

How many thousands of innocent 3 to 6-year-old children were traumatized by the close-up groans and grinds of pornography in place of “Handy Manny”? The number is a well-guarded Disney and Comcast secret.

I received one cynical e-mail saying, “It was a sanctioned technology experiment as the parental controls were overridden. That’s why there’s no government action.” Who will be prosecuted for deliberately and/or recklessly brutalizing these wide-eyed youngsters?

Statistically speaking, some percentage of these small victims will eventually act out on themselves, on their siblings, neighbors, friends, or families and blame themselves!

The Children’s On Line Protection Act, or COPA, would have Internet sites require age identification cards for their content – just like store owners require to sell beer or cigarettes. Disney, an E! Playboy distributor until late 2006, has aggressively opposed COPA’s efforts to penalize sites that give minors access to harmful material.

Under the circumstances, I understand why my correspondent suspects that the May 1 “accident” was actually a test run by Comcast, Disney – or both – to induce small children into pornography addiction.

In effect, these media predators broke into private homes and force-fed children pornography. After irate parents complained that their children had just been assaulted by their pornographers, parents got a spry “sorry” from the Comcast sex traffickers.

“It was two people doing their thing, it was full-on and it was disgusting,” explained Paul Dunleavy to the New York Daily News. “My son was extremely upset because he thought he’d done something wrong. … We’re hoping what he saw doesn’t become an issue for him.”

Well, he may hope. “We try to do the right thing to protect our kids from this stuff, and then they broadcast it on children’s TV,” he said. “I wouldn’t have thought Disney would become one of them.” But Disney is indeed “one of them.”

Disney is pedophile-friendly at the highest echelons, brazenly hiring convicted pedophiles like Victor Salva to write and direct sexualized child films like “Powder.” Salva served 15 months for sodomizing at least one 12-year-old boy who had acted in Salva’s first teen horror film, “Clownhouse.” Entertainment Weekly reported that in “Powder,” Salva has a male teacher stroke the boy’s head and tell the child he’s “never had better sex” since being touched by the lad.

Disney kept this and other sexualized child scenes in “Powder” and warned no one of Salva’s criminal pedophile history. One press critic noted, “The movie studio participated in the secrecy and the cycle of abuse.” In fact, Salva joined another well-paid Disney predatory “talent.” Larry Clark, infamous for his naked photographs of young boys, directed “Kids” (1995) in graphic sex, violence and drug use. Ted Baehr’s Movieguide notes that this child-abusive film was so deviant that Disney distributed it under the Miramax label.

Newsweek said “The art-movie company Miramax has paid $3.5 million to distribute ‘Kids’ worldwide. Unfortunately, Miramax is owned by the Walt Disney Co. … The movie is called ‘Kids,’ but you’d better leave yours at home. New York photographer Larry Clark, known for his raw images of adolescent sexuality, has just debuted his first film at the Sundance Film Festival.”

Chicken hawks of a feather bring similar chicken hawks together.

Peter and Rochelle Schweizer provide a laundry list of Disney’s convicted pedophiles in their investigative report, “Disney: The Mouse Betrayed; Greed, Corruption, and Children at Risk” (1998). They write, “Some of Disney’s pedophiles … are positioned in high-profile jobs dealing with children.”

By 1999, Patrick Naughton, executive vice president of Disney’s Go Network, was convicted of possession of child pornography and of planning to have sex with a 13-year-old girl.

In April this year, three men arrested in a pedophile sting revealed themselves as Disney employees. They planned to have sex with boys and girls, ages 13 and 14.

In February this year, Disney employee Matthew Wendland was arrested, charged with 51 counts of possessing child porn.

In 1998, the reporter’s reporter, Reed Irvine (now deceased), revealed that Michael Eisner, chairman of the Walt Disney Co, subtly warned ABC to censor any such bad news about Disney.

Irvine wrote, “Only days later, a story that was to air on ’20/20′ exposing Disney’s lax attitude toward employing pedophiles at its theme parks was killed” by ABC.

In the December 1998 issue of the now defunct Brill’s Content, Elizabeth Stevens reported, “Disney had a worse pedophile problem than the other theme parks that were examined.” Law-enforcement officials said Disney failed to “run criminal-background checks of new employees” and were less than helpful in “assisting their investigations of crimes on Disney property.”

“Disney was the only theme park that did not agree to work with the Central Florida Child Exploitation Task Force when it was established in 1995.”

Disney’s propagandistic marketing of “gay,” lesbian and transgendered picnics, parties, books, videos and the like sends a powerful message, as does its anti-Christian pulpiteering, its Miramax films of incest, sadosexuality, prostitution as well as – until recently – its E! Playboy gateway pornography.

Media critic L. Brent Bozell III wrote, “The Schweizers cover not just Disney’s appalling record on crime. There’s sexual harassment, child labor violations and how management allows Disney World to have twice the injury rate than the amusement park average. … Some of Disney [CEO Michael] Eisner’s moves might be explained as a image-be-damned search for profits, like Disney’s partnership in the pay-per-view programs of ‘Viewer’s Choice,’ which quickly spun off ‘Hot Choice,’ with new porn titles by smut queens like Marilyn Chambers. …”

The Schweizers note that inevitably Disney’s “own movies” and their pornography merge into one.

For example, Playboy’s plasticized 2006 Playmate of the Year was once a “Disney World Snow White and Cinderella.”

I’ve said elsewhere that Disney traffics pornography. Was the recent pornographic assault on the brains, minds, memories and actions of thousands of innocent toddlers a Comcast and/or Disney “glitch,” or a test?