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The Sirian Revelations

Channeled Teachings for the Awakening of Earth

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Accelerating human awareness as we become more highly conscious guardians of Planet Earth and prepare for ascension of our sun, our earth and ourselves, lightbearers from the ascended Sirian star, Satais, are committed to helping us achieve the awakening of our light bodies, activation of our dormant DNA strands and an idea of what we can expect as we approach the ascension vortex of our passage into the higher dimensions. They provide the Awakening with a greater understanding of the forces behind the global conspiracy to keep us from realizing our starseed legacy: to assist in the re-birthing of Planet Earth; to bring the light of truth to those who are still huddled in the darkness and assist those who intend to serve as healers and guides of the ascension, during the great transformation of all life in our quadrant of the three-dimensional galaxy.

Are you torn in the struggle of darkness and light, anxious about what is transpiring in the global theater – or are you one of the Awakening, clear in your resolve and intent … and committed to personal and planetary healing? Now is the time, starseed, to remember who you are. Now is the time to remember.

Aided by extraterrestrial intelligence of the higher dimensions, The Speakers of the Sirian High Council, we, starseed of other worlds, explore our greatest challenges and opportunities – to bring healing, to bring the awakening tools to those lightworkers who are committed to helping prepare the way for our ascension through the clearing station of the fourth dimension and on to our higher destinations.

Our eyes, our hearts, our minds are open and we are empowered by the wisdom and light of the Sirian High Council, who, like the Pleaidian Emissaries and Light Beings of higher dimensions, have come to help us understand the conspiracy that has held us in powerlessness, to reveal the secrets and lies that have denied us our true heritage as children of the stars, and to achieve our true destiny as starseed of the Cosmos of Soul and Emissaries of the new Earth.

Before journeying these waves, traveling the Light Bridge, be sure to surround yourself in light,  raising the vibration of the All, as you link with the Sirian Messenger, click here.


Galactic Prophecies

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