About The Author

Renowned author, teacher/lecturer, radio host & spiritual guide to the sacred sites of the Earth.

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Patricia Cori has been immersed in the New Thought Movement since its inception there in the early 1970’s. She has utilized her clairvoyant abilities in healing and support work throughout her life, which has been dedicated in great part to the study of mysticism, philosophy, ancient civilizations, metaphysical healing, spirituality and unexplained mysteries.

She is a prominent figure in the global Spirit Community, well-known on the international lecture circuit—actively offering courses, seminars and workshops around the world on a vast range of topics, which reflect her broad knowledge of alternative methodology in healing and her remarkable gift of helping others rekindle and ignite the inner flame.

She has been recognized and celebrated as a gifted shaman by indigenous spirit teachers of the Tibetan, Mayan and Peruvian traditions. In 1996, she established SoulQuest™ Journeys, and that year led a group of spirit travelers, to whom she introduced the sacred temples and breathtaking spirit of the Tibetan landscape, to Nepal and Tibet. She has since guided people through sacred sites in Asia, Mexico, Egypt, Peru, Europe and England—returning to the crop circles every summer, awakening her fellow seekers to Earth energies and the magic of spirit unfolding.

Patricia’s growing list of books have enjoyed worldwide acclaim as wake-up call material for the expanding consciousness of humankind. They have been re-released to a vast international audience this year by North Atlantic Books/Random House Distribution and are also available in several foreign language editions.

She hosts the cutting edge web radio talk show, BEYOND THE MATRIX, on www.bbsradio.com (currently on hiatus) – a program dedicated to exploring new avenues of human thought and experience and merging science and spirit. Patricia has also made numerous radio appearances and has recently been featured in the documentary films: The Circle Chasers 2006, and 2012 – We’re Already In It!

Watch for her in Terje Toftenes’ new film documentary, The Concept, to be released late 2014. She can also be seen in several interviews posted to You Tube, which will give you insights into her visions for our world in transition and her dedication to helping to raise the vibrational fields of Gaia.

Her latest book, Before We Leave You: Messages from the Great Whales and the Dolphin Beings, is another channeled work through which the Cetaceans of the Earth and their Ascended Elders speak to us of their commitment to weaving the music of Gaia, holding the planet in balance, in preparation for the Great Shift. Her new work, THE EMISSARY, is her debut fiction novel, to be released March 4, 2014. In it, she once again brings through the urgent message of the Cetaceans through a fast-paced spiritual thriller that has already got the media buzzing! The screenplay, also written by Cori, has already been optioned by Global Universal Pictures to become a major motion picture.

“Patricia Cori is a prophetess, someone the entire world needs to listen to. Her information is vital to our survival … I love her.” —Curtis Davis, The Occult Network

Thank you, Patricia,  for your service to mankind… 
—Ron Rink, MBS Network Radio, Texas

“Some people throw pebbles into the ocean and some people throw rocks, which create an even bigger ripple. Patricia Cori is that rock…I love how she is helping humanity rise in consciousness.” —Ralph Okrafo-Smart, Infinite Waters Radio

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