Messages From The Sirian High Council

December 18-19, 2012

via Patricia Cori

Children of Gaia, please receive this message of love and the divine embrace of your extended family of Light in this glorious hour of celestial celebration. We are the Speakers of the Sirian High Council.

We wish to speak to you today in reference to the power of observation of any given event—the quantum effect—and your involvement in the texture and quality of its manifestation into multidimensional constructs that reflect your world, your lives, and your “future.” But first, let us respond to your calls for help and assistance from our realms in the unfolding theater of Earth’s tumultuous transference into its new measure … as Gaia carries you all into the next cycle.

We hear your implorations, searching the outer realms of your imagination—the multiverse—to know if we are listening to what goes on about you. You are waiting—patiently at times, anxiously at others—to hear an answer. Your antiquated sciences, now usurped by enlightened new visionaries, have taught that sound cannot traverse the vacuum of space and so may you wonder: “Can Sirian Light Beings hear the turmoil that rises from Earth’s surface plane – explosive and raging? Ever vigilant guardians of Gaia, are they watching, as our world rattles and shakes its way into the new? Can they hear us calling out to our brothers and sisters beyond? Are they still there, overseeing the worrisome events tearing at the fiber of the human spirit – the very Earth herself?”

Know that no vacuum or void exists that love’s song cannot traverse and trust that there is no limitation in the universe of infinite light and sacred darkness, other than your own perceptive capacities and, for some, an unwillingness to look beyond what is served up as food for your collective. Your reaching out breaks through all barriers, touching our hearts, as the symphony of your souls plays to ours. The cacophony of the industrialized, militarized Earth penetrates the matrix of physical space; the music of Gaia’s song and of your own sweet refrains reaches us. We are here, so much closer than you can imagine, just a breath away from you, but such conceptual ‘distances’ still elude you. They are not related to spatial definitions as you know them. Yes, we are still here, we resonate to this vibratory signature. Be still, and feel our light surround you, as we hold the goddess Gaia in our embrace: reassuring, nurturing, loving the mother as she has, in turned, loved her young – and, so doing, we love you beyond measure.

We wish to reassure you that we of the Sirian High Council and others, with whom we are aligned and harmoniously in service, are particularly focused on Earth affairs at this hour. The realms of conscious beings observing your sun’s acceleration, and the evolutionary pace of all cosmic deities in transition in your solar logos, are all taking part in Ra’s extraordinary process, in ways we would like to describe to you, so that you understand how it mirrors your own process, as residents and caretakers of Planet Earth. Let this be a first in a series of messages to come.

All planetary deities in your system are experiencing great alterations in their physical composition, as well you can imagine. Despite the veils of secrecy that have been held up as screens, separating you from your neighbors, you are clear now that you have family out there sharing space with Earth: a family going through its own galactic rehearsal for the shifting, transmutation energies of Ra, the star you all share and worship. None of these celestial beings, however, is struggling in the way that Gaia struggles. Hers is an entirely unique situation, with the battle of darkness and light waging war against her great landscapes, her bountiful oceans, and all the living beings that have been privileged to be birthed in her gardens. Every attempt is being made, every guise and untruth being told, to destroy and deface her, so that her fields no longer resonate to the brilliance but rather, to the desperate gloom of hopeless despair.

That is the desired frequency of those who believe they own her; that is the infinite intention of those who wish to destroy you – to move you out of their way. Lower the vibration of Gaia to such a point that the lone orphan, planet Nebiru will find resonance point and manage to be pulled through the ascension cords of Ra, alongside you. For the desperate beings of Nebiru, and their warrior Annunaki lords, too much love, too much light emanating from Gaia means they cannot catch the ride. They don’t resonate to love, because love is all but forgotten in the Nebiruan collective.

Rather, they are attuned to fear of their total extinction – something so unbearably immense that it shadows the heart and it has driven the collective body entrapped there into pure survival mind. That is understandable, if you can imagine their plight with detachment and, possibly, with compassion. Survival mind is how more and more living beings in the Earth reference are now beginning to perceive their own existence so, in very pertinent ways, they are their teachers.

On the other hand, as the Annunaki stir their inky cauldrons with such darkness, evoking so much fear within the global populace, they are aware that they must be very careful not to take the entire planet down, or neither Nebiru nor Gaia will make it through the ascension of Ra. They have already been expelled from one ascending star (Sirius C – Anu) and it is not their intention to have it happen anew. This is their last opportunity and they know it. The time has run out in many ways. Theirs is a dilemma – how to reach and sustain the perfect frequency to hold resonance with the Earth and achieve the ultimate goal. Ascension.

Those of you who do not carry that “knowing” within you want so desperately to be told how this will play out – you long for answers to be shown to you from beyond without doubt, without question. But know this: Any explanation of the workings of the physical universe, the greater multidimensional cosmos, your cellular composition, the interaction between sentient beings, polar fields, light and darkness – anything that pretends to describe how things truly are and how they can be expected to evolve for you is inherently wrong at the onset – if it does not acknowledge and consider your own participation in the unfolding of creation.

No doctrine, prophecy, literary work, or law can define your reality, nor can it pre-determine any given manifestation. Despite appearances, it simply is not the true nature of the quantum field. No one can do that for you, nothing outside of you can, with certainty, create a desired outcome for you. How you react– how you bring the vibratory frequency of the information into your conscious experience… that, YES. That is what we wish address at this time, in the hours of great and turbulent change upon Planet Earth: woven through the collective consciousness, and laced within your individual spirit/soul essence.

Our emphasis in this and upcoming missives is to illustrate to you how you set up the mental/emotional/physical resonant frequency with any thought-driven phenomena emanating from any individual or experience you believe exists or occurs outside of you. You are learning how nothing that you can observe can possibly exist as separate from you because, in the observation of any experience, you are immediately interacting with the experience, altering its nature and influencing its outcome, just as it is influencing yours. It travels through the neural networks of your exquisite minds faster than the speed of light; it triggers response throughout the body electric; it vibrates through the waves of your emotional waters. It triggers a spontaneous reaction to occur throughout your multi-layered energy forms, which you know as your “mind, body and spirit,” but which we prefer to describe as the mental/emotional and physical spectra of consciousness.

Often, you disallow and refuse to even contemplate anything that you judge to be outside of your perception of pure, loving energy because you are convinced that the mere thought of anything disharmonious will bring you into resonance with it, or “give power to it.” And yet, the mere thought of resistance makes it yours: it is attracted and adheres to you like iron to a magnet. Innately fearing the potential of even contemplating disharmonious aspects of your existence creates the exact opposite effect – with significant force and energy.

It is for this reason that we have invited you, over and over again, to look at all aspects of the world that surrounds you (and through which you walk) and to do so without fear … but rather with a curious instinct, intent upon observing how things really work, how they appear to be, and how your own thoughts about them determine your state of existence.

That is a key to a future possibility that you will bring into manifestation and yet even so, you perpetually change the game by changing perspectives as the observer of phenomena – a player in the quantum field. Therefore, you surely must understand that although you long for clear directives and precision information to help you through the decisively difficult hours of this mighty transition in which you chose to incarnate, you still must remember that you are co-creating it as you go along, as you observe, as you react, as you move through it. Any one telling you how it is, how it was or how it will be denies you that quintessential right to claim your rightful place as part of all that is, all that has been and all that forever shall be.

The space-time continuum is not a fixed matrix. It is elastic, as it can be stretched to fit requirements of alternative realities to the one you are currently holding focus in. It can be condensed, slowing and distorting events so that it appears that nothing ever changes. Clearly, in light of the acceleration of your solar deity, the former is true of your current galactic environment – but we remind you that as co-creators of the multiverse, you have the ability to manage time individually, once you understand the power of your own abilities as observers of any given reality. Are we telling you that you can control time? No, for we do not believe in control. It is an exercise in futility. We are suggesting that you can direct time by placing your awareness on the vibratory essence of its progressive pace.

Consider: when you experience what you refer to as “déjà vu,” you are most likely popping into a simultaneous reality—a parallel Earth and a mirror of you—and in that framework the time illusion has been stretched so that you are moving faster there – you have already completed an action there. You have already done it there, and experienced it there where your consciousness has focused, for even a nanosecond, on holding resonance in that parallel reality. You pop back to this universal framework, the only one in which you believe you exist, and when the same event occurs nanoseconds later, you feel like you’ve “been there” before. You have. You have been there in one of the many parallels in which you also reside and hold resonance. And you are still there, you exist there and it is your attention or observation of being there or in myriad other simultaneous realities that determines where you will tether your awareness of your own existence.

Here now is the pivotal message we bring for you to consider and ‘chew’ upon as an alternative to the daily bread of those who wish to control your minds and take what they want from the Earth that sustains you.

With regard to the existential crisis that you may be experiencing through your deep concern regarding the events of your world, the solstice passage, Ra’s fiery explosions and all the factors that unsettle and shake you, know that you can create your own time travel vehicle to move you past this reference point, where you can already envision the New Earth. You can, through the skilled observation of other states of consciousness and the focus of that self that is fully operative in parallel universes, create a time transfer package that will shift you into a parallel Earth/parallel reality where what you anticipate has already occurred and you have already moved through it.

You are being facilitated at this time, particularly with the activation of your DNA, to be able to recognize how you can be walking through different worlds at different paces and that you can glean the information you need by putting your attention there. Imagine yourself on a racetrack, ten deep of alternate or parallels of you, where each version of you is running at a different speed. Each individual form of you is absorbed in the journey but is capable of observing the others, moving at different speeds, once its focus is distracted from the forward impetus. Soon, the pace quickens or slows. The mere observing of the other breaks the focus and intention of the forward direction, and there is a tendency to reach resonance with the pace of the other.

We would be honored to assist you in taking a quantum leap forward to observe what lies ahead – to a parallel Earth where you have already passed through it – and then bring you back so that you can ground yourselves in that knowing – that trust. If you wish to participate, we are here to assist you in preparing yourselves for such a time transfer package in the hours just ahead of you, precisely during the “violet hour” in the Earth reference location of our instrument, Trydjya.*

You will need to take no food from the reading of this missive until the violet hour, you will have removed excess electromagnetic interference from your home, your body, your environments. You will be particularly facilitated if all electronic devices are completely unplugged, batteries detached, the home environmental wave frequencies deactivated. Let animals surround you with their extraordinary sensitivities – you will find many are refusing food in this time of transition. They are attuned to the galactic forces, far more than many of you because they are in their feeling, intuitive bodies at all times, where many human beings are in their mental bodies and have trouble escaping them. They are aware.

Your digestive system must be clear and unencumbered with the laborious process of that process – digestion – and ideally no dead substances in the body being processed. Drink water, elevated energetically through your prayers, thoughts and imprinting, so that your electromagnetic biological unit is at its most conductive energetically.

We are going to work with Gaia’s electromagnetic energy grid in a north-south alignment therefore you will be most receptive if you prepare to lie with your head facing north, feet south. At this time Earth’s north is the farthest away from the sun. Ra is aligned with Galactic Center, 6.57 degrees north. Sirius is directly aligned to the Giza Plateau, the portal for cosmic energies that pass through the body of Gaia.

We are setting our intention, for those of you who have attuned and created the environment through which to be involved, to create a momentary shift in the space-time continuum, expanding it, as we have described, long enough that you can experience that leap in consciousness where you can witness that parallel where you have already moved forward. From our perspective, we do know how to alter the space-time matrix; your military/scientific teams are working on that now as well. We are capable of stretching that elastic for a brief moment, but it will snap back – this will be only a brief vision of the landscape that lies ahead of you. We wish to gift you with this vision of tomorrow – the tomorrow that soon you will know as the “no-time.”

At the appointed hour we invite you to lie back, breathe in the heartbeat of Gaia, close your eyes, freeing yourself of the sensate world, and join us in opening a window through which your soul can soar higher.

Wherever you are, whatever you experience, enjoy the journey. And be fearless, always remembering that you are immortal beings, sparks of divinity, exploring the infinite artistry of Creation.”

We are the Speakers of the Sirian High Council

©Patricia Cori

Credit: Patricia Cori

*The Council is referring to 4:00 a.m. Central European time on the 21 December. Please adjust your time zones to coincide with this precise timing.

The Mysterious Black-Out of Sirius

What is going on with the censorship of visual data from google map and sky map, referencing the stars Sirius A and Sirius B?

Despite the denial of the scientific community, which seeks to convince us that this obvious alteration of the two (actually three) stars in question is merely a glitch in the global telescope networks, commencing with the Palomar Observatory, the truth is there for us to see. They want us to believe it has to do with a ‘light leak’ on one of the plates on one of the original photographic plates. Right?

Something about Sirius bothers the powers that be. But what is it? While all manner of conspiracy theories are surfacing about this strange phenomenon – what I hear from the source, The Sirian High Council, is this:

“Quite simply, the space-time continuum that you understand as the fabric of the physical universe is filled with many vexing anomalies – such as what you understand in the terms: wormholes, stargates and multi-dimensional portals.
Sirius is all of these. With its triune system of stars (Sirius A, B and C) resonating in three different dimensions, this is a complexity that is altering time space itself. Anything and everything is possible at these immense vortices in the cosmic tapestry which includes, as well you imagine, the coming and going of ships (physical and etheric or holographic), layers upon layers of conscious forms and entities, all manner of invisible frequencies and waves, and most significant to all – there lies a lens on the enormous community of life and light beyond your current perceptions.

Photonic emissions from this parallel reality are flooding through this field, altering the essence of the time space continuum, the perception of physical space, too, and serving as a filter for the consciousness of all beings in this region of the galactic family to which you belong.

This is beginning to be evidenced in your own solar field. Craft are mysteriously appearing to pass right through or over the sun and yet your scientists insist that it is a physical impossibility – and that anything attempting to even remotely approach the sun would be pulverized instantly. This is an illusion. You now have the digital images to prove it. The whole physical universe is an illusion. Nothing at all is what appears to be and everything is possible in the Cosmos of Soul. You merely need to contemplate the concept of the delay of light reaching your vision in light years to realize that what you see as stars in the system may not even still be there, so long it is that their light must traverse space before it reaches you.

Those who believe they own this ‘futuristic’ knowledge do not want you to understand what lies beyond these lights. They are there to invite you to reach beyond the finite world and guide you home, as they have done from before you even recorded your own historical legend. The “structure” of the physical universe is completely unstructured, perennially mutating, shifting, moving – spinning. Those who manipulate you have conquered those limitations. They are deep into space now, despite their theatrics of antiquated space travel, still shown to you at ‘lift off’ events to confuse and deny you the truth of their penetration of other realms. They have been walking through the time construct for decades, backwards and forwards; they have been on other worlds – interacting, even COMMANDING-for the same. They have remote-viewed other universes, traveling to the future time and committing the grievous error of pulling that ‘future’ into the unprepared reality of your present existence. It is a wonder to the community of conscious beings that this has been managed for so long on your planet and still you have been mesmerized by the lies.

At the great multi-dimensional gateway of Sirius, the greatest ‘highway’ of your galaxy, there is an unfathomable amount of exchange and transit. Behind that ‘star’, positioned as the keyhole through which one can observe and travel into other realities, the commerce of countless civilizations, some peaceful and co-operative, others not so intended, are visible and undeniable. Your own future selves, as you perceive them, may very well be looking in from the other side of that “door!” Every imaginable and unimaginable astral being can pass through and manifest form – from the light beings of many higher dimensions, to the collective dark ooze that seeps through the gears of mechanical “un-consciousness.” From this, much of your tormenting hyper-technology is leached into Earth reality.

Keep your eyes on the sky. You will see the shifting of the stars, your sun, the planetary beings that share your space and know that the symphony of your sun’s transmutation into higher vibratory essence is harmonious and fully orchestrated – playing in the tempo of Divine Creation. Nothing can blind you to that but your own doubt, your fear for the future and your conviction that the dark forces might actually manage to obliterate the light. That is not the outcome… In the story of Gaia unfolding, the light prevails. So it seen from the world we know…so shall it be.

—We are the Sirian High Council.”

Copyright © Patricia Cori 2012

Just Up Ahead…and Right on Schedule

Well now. Much has transpired since first we opened the channels of light and the countless mind links enjoyed through our Vehicle and as you see, what may very well have seemed to be sitting on the edge of your reality has now entered full center, you can no longer deny it – if ever you did. For thirteen earth journeys around the central deity, we have spoken to you of many things – things that have come to pass and now seep into mainstream consciousness, past the walls of dogmatic resistance and into the hearts and minds of far greater numbers of human beings now residing upon the Great Blue Planet. We have spoken to you of life beyond your realm – not only of beings foreign to the Earth but of your own wanderings and settlements on other celestial stations in your solar realm: this now is being revealed through irrefutable proofs that come from those self-created authorities of space who run your own extraterrestrial show: Homo Sapiens Galacticus.

You have been shown images of sphinxes and statues and underground transport systems, pyramids, bases and rivers and forests on the red planet – you know there is history there that reflects your own, mirroring back to the Earth the wisdom of ancient civilizations, while their contemporaries dwell and flourish primarily in (but not limited to) the underground of that planetary station. You have been shown and briefed (in accordance with imposed limitations on the knowledge) of moons in your system, including your own Luna, which contain water, the spring of biological life. Time ago, we have told you there is life on the moon and on Mars, and that your own species interacts with others there, in bases that have been established many many moons ago. This is being revealed to you now; it is all being revealed at this time of the Great Shift.

We have warned and prepared you for the technologies that come from past worlds, foreign civilizations and your own future selves and they too are now being revealed: the great HAARP towers of the walk-in, Akkaeneset; manipulation of the gene codes of all life in your world; the deliberate obfuscation of the sun through the abusive proliferation of chemical and metal aerosol spraying…all manner of technological invasion in your lives. And of the secrets that are secret no more – we have attempted to gently nudge you from the dormant states of passive awareness into full accountability, understanding and recognition of the forces that would rule you, believing (or so they did then) that they can possess you entirely. Their power is slipping away. Even though they go clutching with every possible trick they can muster, every tool in their belts … it isn’t working. Like the Walls of Jericho, their strongholds are falling …dare we say crashing down. We stand in our declaration, Let there be No More Secrets, No More Lies, and the awakened amongst you stand tall in that commitment, glorious and mighty, and we salute you.

We have spoken to you of the DESERT DAYS, and how you will pass through them, and here you are, right on schedule, recognizing how the sands of illusion are truly crystalline windows that reflect into the matrix the New Dawn that lies, just ahead, sifting through the hourglass that you hold as the record keeper of your collective journey. You peer through them, inquisitive and bright in your hearts and souls, and you know how close you are now. Your pulse is quickening; time is slipping into immeasurable quanta, the Universe is opening and closing, breathing in … breathing out, in divine rhythm. We have told you the orphanage of your isolation is ending and so it is. You know you are being prepared to embrace the miracle that has titillated your fantasy for as long as you can remember: the time of reunion, when you would all finally look to the heavens and cry out “We Are Not Alone!” to your galactic reflections. Where am I really from? What are the stars … Really? Where is my true home? When will I return? These are the questions that stimulate your curiosity and wonder, taking you leaps and bounds up the stairway of your ascending evolutionary passage.

Ra’s solar flares are currently rewiring the energy networks of Gaia. They are triggering your neural pathways, illuminating the conscious mind like lightening on the night sky. Remember, as we have told you before: trust the Sun. He knows what he is doing. Trust the universe … Trust yourselves. Trust each other too, employing discernment, however, to see through false faces and to hear past the lies and the ramblings of entities – in body, and hiding in astral shadows – oozing fantasies for the weak and the willing to embrace as the Wisdom … when it is not.

The Great Whales and the Dolphin Beings soon take center stage, holding the frequencies of Gaia’s waters, weaving you into the higher dimensions. They, too, are shifting. They call out to you, that you hold the high notes of the human heart while they thread the light of the Cosmos through the cells of the ocean’s beings, imprinting the crystalline waters with the harmonies of the Music of the Spheres.

Your true home is everywhere and nowhere. In the eternity of your existence, you have chosen so many forms, so many densities, so many stars. Right now, at this moment of glorious transition, you have chosen to be one of the Spirit Warriors of the Earth – and you have been honored with the right to be there. Whether you are carrying, as we say, the Lantern or the Spiritual Sword of Truth through the desert, you are all part of it – all equal in your dedication, provided you are pure in your hearts, free of the shadow the ego casts upon the soul, and grounded in truth – as you understand it.

We are here with you … just a breath away
We will not leave your side.
We never have, from your inception.
So, breathe deeply…
Hold your ground
Use your discernment to filter out the distorted images of the crowded and opaque lens
And walk, noble and fearless as only you know how, into the New Dawn.
Blessed be the Children of Gaia.
Blessed Be.
—We are the Speakers of the Sirian High Council

A bright light shines upon your world tonight. Transcending time, transcending space, transcending the density of your known universe. The light that shines through defies the dark umbrage of shadow and cloud; it shines through the veil of the unknown…of ignorance, through borders, boundaries, limitation and separation. This is a light so bright it defies the very nature of your holographic reality, the third density…the world in which you believe you exist, for it is of such a frequency that it cannot be perceived there in any measurable terms and yet IT IS – and always will be.

Such is the brilliance of the light that pours through the Cosmos of Soul this day that it glitters in the conscious collective as do diamonds bathed in the rays of the sun. It strums the eternal strings of the heart and resounds in the music of the spheres with the sweetness of birdsong – with the roar of Gaia’s mighty waves when they crash upon her shores. It is the music of all experience; it is the laughter, the wonder, the joy of all existence: The Power and The Will and The Glory.

Those beyond the world of Gaia observe your struggle, celebrate your victories, share in your quest for peace and the higher vibration. In the cosmic clock, we, Sirians of the sixth dimension, are only minutes ahead of you and we are of you as you are of us. We know the density of fog. We know the longing to bask in that light where darkness never again can cloud the soul’s determined climb along the perilous journey back to Source. And yes, we know the light eternal where darkness cannot shroud the soul.

And that is why we come to you in this sacred space …to remind you as we have always done.
A bright light shines upon your world tonight.
Draw it into your heart as you would embrace a newborn in your arms.
A bright light
A light
A light shines eternal
in the heavens
as it does on Earth.

Message from the Sirian High Council

As Gaia Rings….As Gaia strums the chords of her heartstrings, her song ringing throughout the Universe, the music of the spheres resounds with the lights and sounds of your solar deity in transformation. The Earth, your planetary family, your Sun, that brilliance that is the galaxy in which you currently appear – all are tuning their instrument to the higher octave in the Universal chorus of life. Your planet is ringing new frequencies into the Cosmic sea and all intelligence is attuning to the cosmometric proportions that are woven into the light strings of love holding us in the Oneness.

Ours is a distant lens upon Earth affairs, yet we are so near to you that we can feel the warmth of your breath and hear the thoughts that delight or torment you. We feel great compassion for those who are drowning in that sense of hopelessness and dread, as all the outer realities that have appeared to be secure are disrobed of the illusion and seen for what they are through the dim light of those who would manipulate events to control you. These controls have always been there. They were simply veiled, awaiting the structures that would hold your race back from a global uprising once the mass mind awakened from the slumber of so many civilizations past to present.

If you will only look back objectively upon the pages of the human story, you will recognize similar epochs of war and destruction, the deceit and omnipotence of the few, the violent chord, the decline of the human spirit – just as you will read of the Enlightenment, the Renaissance, the re-birth – when the cyclical nature of life lifts humankind from the dust and the ash and is reborn.

Those who intend to destroy you simply cannot conquer the human spirit. They cannot kill the light, dim the brilliance, inter you in their darkness. They have tried to ‘unplug you’, to infect you, to numb and silence you…yet still you rise, for within you all is the blueprint of the Cosmic Soul and its primary objective: to be LOVE. Some leap from their sleep, filled with the wonder. Others cling to the comfort of the dream, denying themselves the splendor of the early morning sun – but all rise. All eventually awaken.

Within you is the eternal flame, which cannot be extinguished, no matter how great the force of obstruction would so will it. Within you is the sense of wonder, the beauty, the sensitivity, the trusting child … the loving nurturer.

What the disempowered are NOT seeing is the enormity of your light emerging, the luminescence that pours the light of the human heart into the Cosmos, for this has never been brighter than now, this moment, this time of untold awakening amongst you. And yet their fear blinds them to it, just as it destroys their will and deters them from joyously walking the path of the soul’s design.

As you walk through the Desert Days of life there upon your Earth, for these have indeed begun, tossed about in the daily whirlwind of emotions, world events, the tether of contrasting forces pulling at your sense of hope, of faith, of vision for what is to come … you know deep within you that all is in Divine Order as it always has been and forever will be.

You know it. You live it. You are the Divinity and the love and the order in chaos.

The giant waves of Gaia’s rebellion have recently swept over you with an eerie vengeance, calling you to attention. These messages, screaming out from Earth’s core, are coming far more rapidly now, far more powerfully than ever before. All is changing. All is being redefined, updated, attuned to the new that forever awaits you, eternal creation. When you give pause to the contemplation of these upsetting events, we ask you to forever bear in mind that the Earth, great Cosmic Deity, is also the carrier of the flame within – and all is infinite, all is in a constant state of change and evolution.

Your fearing these events creates far more destruction than your acceptance of them – your understanding that the Earth Changes are the manifestation of your Deity in transformation (and all life within the Earth realm) and that She knows exactly what to do. The vibratory patterns of terror and fear amplify the magnitude, altering the manifestations of Earth Changes and this the Power instrumentalizes to exacerbate the emotional disharmony of your world populations.

We hear your doubts and questions regarding the violence of the Earth and the death of the many in the wake of Gaia’s rage and we wish to tell you this:

However difficult it is for you to accept what appears to be meaningless death and destruction, never forget that those who take themselves to the moment of Gaia’s rage, the innocent who swim in the waters; the not-so-innocent who commit to the killing fields of war and violence…all have an appointment and are aware, at the soul level, that they are fulfilling a soul pattern when they elect to leave the Earth School of Karma. Even the children. The age of the soul has no direct reflection in the age of the physical being and many of those who are washed away in the tide or buried in the rubble are old souls who came in for just a moment, serving a higher purpose or completing a contract that is not clear to those who remain, suffering the loss. All is divinely in order in the Cosmos of Soul.

Children of Gaia, if only you will lay your head upon the rich earth and listen you will hear the sighs and whispers, the anger and frustration, the love and the wisdom…. Know that the true Mother would not abandon her young nor obstruct the destiny of the one and the many.

Hold Center now. Steady as She goes, trusting all the way.

Message from the Sirian High Council

“We come to you in great humility this day to speak as far as we can attempt to understand and to answer the questions resounding through the higher realms – and to address whatever fear may be swelling inside you. The voice of humanity calls out to the heavens: ‘where is God’? We hear your implorations: ‘why must there be such suffering in the world’? … These profound questions we wish to elaborate with you as we watch and experience the range of emotions of the human collective.

Now there are many messages being spread amongst you in this time of great uncertainty on Planet Earth. As always, we invite you to exercise discernment. There are seers, politicians, messengers of every nationality and voice … channels such as ours. Some are the voices of truth, some are false prophets, some speak with hidden agendas, some accuse, some deny – it is up to you to wade through all of the noise and clutter to find what resonates with you and that is what you will embrace and reverberate back out into the ethers as the truth you perceive in this hour … truth that will bend and take new form, perhaps, as your understanding and awareness in these days grow and become more crystalline.

So great is the expression of Gaia’s explosive rebellion that we dare say there is not a being in your world who has not been affected in some way, to some degree, by the new that is born from this moment. All have been presented with the ‘cruel’ realization that the material world as it is known to you can be washed away in an instant … and nothing is permanent. Nothing, not even the density of those great concrete walls and steel foundations, can stand against the unleashed fury of nature. You are being given the ultimate opportunity to dissolve your collective illusions … and you are witness to the manifestation of those illusions evaporating before your incredulous eyes. They are being washed away in the waters of Gaian emotion.

What emerges from this epic catastrophe is a rapidly evolving universal dialogue in your realm that has finally recognized the conscious will of Gaia and the relationship of the living beings of the planet to the emotional and spiritual body of the planet herself.

In the wake of this enormous disaster, in which you are actually witness to the lands of the earth being reshaped and redefined, the mass mind of humankind is awakening to how all the living are inextricably dependent upon the balanced energies of the Earth. The next phase, inevitably, will bring more human beings to the understanding of how that balance is utterly determined by the thoughts and actions of the All. We observe with reverence how this tragedy is triggering you into higher states of conscious existence as caretakers of Planet Earth.

As youreeled from the terrifying images of the destructive unleashing of Gaia’s emotions, you could not but feel powerless before the goddess. You held your heads in your hands, filled with compassion for the suffering and a growing sense of dread – for you realized from this cataclysm that your great planet is finally rebelling. She is refining, remodeling, releasing in preparation for her passage and you know this deep within the soul. You fear it on some levels, you celebrate it on others but you do know it … you always have. Although you still may not completely remembered why … you came here to take part in Gaia’s revolution. You came here to serve and you are soon to know your role in the unfolding.

Today, as you observe with what swiftness and solidarity the international relief effort has moved into action, you are aglow with the wonder of how humanity always rises to the call of the needy and as the shock of these difficult days wears off you begin to see beauty even in tragedy. You are reminded of the greatness of simply being human, stripped of pretense, stripped of religions, nations, status… you are reminded of what you are capable of in the most desperate hours of human trial and despair.

Where is God? God is within you
God is the light of love that shines from every cell of your body
The heart, a hand, the word
God is the reaching out
The utter compassion
The selfless savior
The strength to renew, rebuild, restore
The Light
Why must there be suffering?
This is far more complex.
Perhaps it is because through darkness we are reminded of our godliness
We seek to find the light; we are challenged to move beyond obstruction
To find our way out of the cold dark chasm and into the warmth of the Sun
To move beyond the blackness of stagnation and into the shimmering brilliance of progress
We believe it is our own Creation – our reflection.
What of the innocent? What of the children?
We believe we are all innocent, all children of the universe
Trying to find our way out of the chaos
Moving back to Source
Some of the children are far more ancient than you
Perhaps they have come to touch you ever more deeply
For you are always moved by the innocence of the young
These are thoughts that trouble us
For we wish for you lives of joy and celebration
We wish love and comfort for all the living of your realm … for the children
And yet, we too have passed through pain to reach this place
We know it as the soul’s progression
Each must move through suffering to know bliss.
We do not purport to have the answers to the riddle of creation.
But we can tell you this.
There where these souls have passed—far higher ground —so will you.
There is light
There is forgiveness
And eternal Love abounds.
The Light will Prevail.
The Light Always Does.

Message from the Sirian High Council

Mammoth leaps in human consciousness have called greater numbers of Sirian Emissaries to observe the human arena in which you find yourselves, now racing through the Olympiad of your evolution … in time for the great changes that will herald the dawn of the Enlightened Age of Humankind. We observe with celebration that as more of us become aware of your rites of passage, more of you become aware of our guardianship over your world and that is indeed a divine wonder to us, as it is to you.

You are understanding, as you have never understood before, just what your soul essence intended when the decision was taken to appear at this particular point in space-time. You are remembering who you are and what you came to do. You are remembering, starseed beings, all the wonder of your journey through the eternal voyage of being.

You were sensing…now you know you know
You were listening… now you know you hear
You were watching… now you know you see
You were becoming – now you know you ARE.

Although it may appear that Earth and the living of your world are spiraling forever deeper into an abysmal dark night of the soul, those of us holding the light of humanity in our hearts observe an untold brilliance emanating from the Earth and we assure you that your prayers, your meditations, your visions of harmony and celebration are raising the vibration of Gaia and so, your Sun: forever outward – across the seas of universal soul; forever inward, weaving love’s golden light through the intricate cosmometry of every particle of your being.

The bands of the controllers are rapidly disintegrating as the False Lords of Earth scramble to create the new techno-grids. Yes, they are more determined than ever to corral you, to round you up in cages and hold you in servitude, to crush your will and harness your power – but with every new dawn you realize ever more that their omnipotent manipulation of your lives is simply not working.

It is not working, that is, FOR THEM.

It may be difficult yet for you to recognize how those dark players, so committed to disruption and the de-unification of the race, have actually helped you raise your expectations for the greater human experience – the heightened vibration of global consciousness. Their wanton destruction of the environment has called Gaia to action with far greater urgency and you respond to those outbursts of Earth’s rebellion with renewed determination to heal the planet. Their force-feeding of fear and terror wears tedious and you see that they are actually helping you face the demons that lie buried once deep within you, now rising to the foreground of your minds’ eyes to be released or accepted. Indeed, contrary to their intent to weaken and disintegrate human hope and nobility of spirit, their horrendous manipulation of human affairs is actually serving you – is it not? Is it not the great catalyst for what they most fear – the awakening of the masses?

By exasperating the human condition, they are forcing you to face the inequities that exist in the world and through their misguided vision a new global awareness is emerging. Your comfort zones are being re-defined or eliminated altogether. Although it is painful to experience violence, to know the constant uncertainty of terror, to feel the suffering of others…you must know what lies beyond your safe harbors if you are ever to truly understand how absolutely connected you are to all the living.

Redefining your barriers will soon take on new meanings, as you face the questions of alien life, for once and forever, as will the entirety of your civilization. You who have come to our message trust that there are numerous layers and levels of consciousness involved and dedicated to your smooth transition into the unknown – your awakening to the Galactic Family. You may also be aware that there are significant numbers of alien beings (some already walk amongst you, others observe or visit you from various vantage points in space) who are absolutely bent upon utilizing you for their own ends. To deny that inevitable possibility would be to underestimate your understanding of the polarities in which you reside or worse – to create for you a pabulum that can be easily swallowed but which offers no nourishment for the soul – no extraordinary questions for the mind to contemplate!

You may also realize that there there are plans being drawn for the inevitable contact moment, when science fiction meets the 21st century, and you are confronted, face to face, with beings from other worlds on an immense planetary scale. What is required at this critical phase of your understanding is that you consider that encounter with great objectivity and a fearless curiosity – for you will face this in your lifetimes. You are soon to know how incredibly vast is the universe of the living, and with what diversity your own galaxy is populated.

What will this mean to those who wish to control you and to own Earth’s wealth? Consider: what will happen to the world government when the entirety of the human race is faced with the fact that all its arsenals and weaponry have been unable to hold back a massive fleet of alien ‘invaders’ ? What will happen when Homo Sapiens confronts the reality that these same journeyers have far surpassed humankind in their technological prowess and their understanding of the physics of the universe? Indeed, what will happen when they stand before you, no longer cloaked in the mysterious uncertainty of your own wild imaginings?

We believe that all those postured in power positions upon your planet will be more or less immediately dethroned – their reigns of terror ended. The Secret Government, built of hidden agendas and humanity’s apathy, will lose its true weapon, as Truth resounds through the valleys and hills of every tribe, every community, every state. The delicate economic structures of your world trade markets will crumble – for reality will have so changed the game that the old will not hold its value. War, that great creator of wealth for the few and the mighty, will end – all human eyes gazing up to the stars. All human beings will anxiously and with understandable fear wait for the first gestures of alien intelligence: will it be war-like, will it be loving?

We wish to remind you that the collective consciousness of humankind ripples forever through the cosmic seas of universal mind and we invite you to help others understand that fundamental. Your perception of the arrival affects the arrival; the vibration of those thought waves determines the vibratory nature of the matter upon which those craft will enter into Earth atmosphere – changing the very fabric of the time-space continuum … changing the beings, the craft, the consciousness of each and of the many.

In essence, we are telling you that the One Mind of humanity will determine the time and place of the great arrival. It is about when you are ready, it is about where the greatest numbers of you have consolidated your energies enough to hold the space around these events. Countless ships have already appeared, each altering the nature of your 3D material substance, changing the auric field of Gaia – altering time itself. They are studying the human response, measuring the fear and the wonder, helping you assimilate what is about to unfold.

Moreover, the dimensions are bleeding into each other and beings from every level are passing through the portals. Craft and ships are not needed to make the journey and you know this deep within you. Some are mere holograms, helping you understand the essence of contact. And there are the fields – forever imprinted with the signs of our communications. Channels are opening, the lights are on, your hearts are ready…hopeful…inviting.

It is up to you what you make real in your lives

What you weave into your hearts and shine golden in the light of your souls

How you approach the unknown – fearless, with eyes wide open … .or cowered in powerless and dread – determines just how extraordinary will be your experience as universes, worlds, nations, peoples, animals celebrate the Great Reunion.

You have an appointment with destiny.
Live it with joy, starseed.
Live it with joy.

The crop circle of May 30th, 2004 at Ridgeway, in the UK
Copyright Crop Circle Connector 2004

The Sirian Seal, first received from the Council in 2003, made available in February 2004.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

Looking at the crop circle I felt like dancing for joy. It also brought peaceful feelings and a sense of ” coming home”. It says to me that Patricia is “right on target”

Richard Dill

April 2004 – Message from the Council:

“Let there be no doubt in your minds that those who have have grabbed your world by the throat and shaken your humanity to the blood with their talons are losing their unrelenting grip. They are slipping, falling through the cracks their web of lies can no longer cover and conceal. It is unfolding everywhere around you – in these days of merging realities and the cleansing of Earth’s fields. The voice of truth rings crystalline through the haze of lies and deception and you are the voice and the wonder and the power of light emerging. You, sweet starseed, co-creators of all realities, are setting the vibratory pace where the lower frequencies of deception can no longer cling to the human race and you know we are here with you, helping you understand such mechanisms, helping you recognize who you are and what you have come to do. Light Beings from many worlds and dimensions are helping you (as within the parameters of universal law) to alter the direction the misguided have wished to take not only the human race but all species of the earthly gardens of your days …. and of days ‘passed’.

To those who still wonder when it is that we will come to save you …to those of you who question and doubt our existence (and you do well to question everything that you encounter as somehow outside of your own exquisite experience) we sound the call to celebrations. Now is the time when you truly realize that you are the saviors – you are the Earth Light Brigades and you are succeeding in your missions as light bearers of your sphere, in this pivotal point upon the time-space continuum: Ra Ascending.

Your community, your global outreach, your meditations, your prayers, the love – all your lightworking has been woven into the karma of your world, releasing the knots and cords of darker intentions. Many are the guides and leaders who are rallying the light teams to encircle your world in healing waves that are helping to create this magnificent shift in the design that was laid before you – we celebrate all of you. We have called you to action, rousing the drowsy from their beds, sounding the wake up call for the sleeping and they have heard the call. More and more are rising up, joining the Alliance of Light and Truth, raising the voice of humanity and it is a glorious thing to behold.

Children of beauty and light – you are the shining faces of every Earth generation, come to breathe back into Gaia the gentle wind and the breeze; you have come to still the raging waters, to plant the seeds of human consciousness in her rich brown soils and to carry the torch of her eternal flame.

You call upon angelic beings, spirit guides, the Masters and the countless entities of light and otherwordly dominions. We, in turn, stand behind you, calling you to the frontlines and you are there as are we: light warriors all. There you are, dear ones. You are marching to the rhythm of the Gaian drum – the heartbeat of the Goddess – and you will not be deterred. You know that you are here as warriors of the Light and how you perform your mission is not the relevance key: what matters is that you shine your brilliance down those dark halls where minds are still shadowed in fear. That is the ultimate battle – you understand. Fear is the darkness – it is the force with which to be reckoned. Love is the light that shines from the lanterns you all are asked to carry for those who are still bent in their terror, as it has been imposed by the loveless masters and as it has existed within them, product of their own demons. You are asked to turn up the flame so that all the lost and disempowered can know the dark passageway is illuminated and they do not walk alone.

The kings and queens will not go quietly.

There will be more chaos, great challenges, the clash of darkness and light – the trump card will be played.

But they have exposed themselves for what they are. You can see them for what they are. And hence, the game is lost to them.

Never, not even for a moment, must you lose sight of the one TRUTH: the Light will prevail.

The Light always does.

Light, you understand, is All that Is. Despite the ghostly shadows of your 3D stage, you do know that light is everywhere around you and within you.

Knowing that, you will watch the icons of the dark illusion slowly melt into the oblivion and fade away as you dizzy from the whirling spiral of events that have you spinning into position, about to leap into the new.

You are at the threshold..

So close you can taste the wonder.”

We are the Sirian High Council

The Feeding of fear, the Fueling of Terror

“We wish to discuss your growing fascination with all manner of apocalyptic prophecy, ancient and new, and how you bring about and create your nemeses by feeding the very fear of them through the lower vibrations of consciousness: the survival self, your three dimensional existential ‘cage’.

Although it is still a relative abstraction to you that you ‘think’ things into being, we remind you that the entire illusory field of ‘vision’ that comprises your global perspective is utterly formatted through projections of the collective unconscious. This is becoming clearer to you on the one hand, where you recognize how operating in right mind and right action produces positive and constructive manifestations of those energies. On the other, you remain rather mesmerized by the overwhelming shadows that you have still to recognize as your own demons, for it is your stimulated fear that hypnotizes you into fueling your terror and strips you of your power – as you shrink before the dark fields, where expressions of disharmony are brought to crystallization as the events now playing out in the Earth realm.

So let us look again, and again, and yet again…to recognize the fear. To dissect it, piece by piece, until the very essence of its nature can be held up to the light, just as a cell is revealed through the microscope…Let us move beyond the shadow, where you walk with the light of All-That-Is directly overhead, proud and erect, in clarity and serene awareness of your unfolding personal reality. You are the decision-maker; you are the free-willed consciousness unit that determines what transpires in your life – however else it may appear to you. This is your movie: you are the director, you are the actor, you are the camera and the film … the audience.

State your real fear ‹ the nature of that beast that takes you by the throat and shakes you from your roots ‹ out loud, valiantly and with a new determination. You have an incredible assortment of fear factors from which to choose, but what is the primordial fear? What is at the core of this growing terror? Is yours a fear of total annihilation? Is it the fear of death that grips you? Do you fear the omnipotent master, cracking the whip of arbitrary authority over you? Is it the fear of losing what has been, or facing what may come…the end, the beginning …or this historical moment, when all appears so decisively dark and irresolute?

Is your terror the lurking madman, intent upon your death and destruction? Does it come in the form of ‘weaponized’ bacteria or in ships from outer space … a careening comet? Are all of these demons intent upon your demise? Time it is that you consider how your perpetual state of mind affects not only your personal reality but that of all that surrounds you.

The momentum of mass media and the thought-shapers is building the Armeggedon scenario, where all goodness and beauty is destroyed and only darkness survives. Will you shake yourselves from this feeding frenzy and stand for that beauty and goodness and Light? Will you send into the ethers, that infinite viewing screen of the greater perspective, a knowing that the farce that is playing is but a ‘limited engagement’, and that the true nature of the human spirit is rising? And will you understand that this is the Great Initiation, humankind’s opportunity … nothing more, nothing less. You decide if you will cross the Tibetan bridge, leap from the burning tower or reach the highest mountaintop. You and you alone decide whether you will conquer the fear and move into position – heralding the New Dawn.

Observe. Look between the cracks, through the smoke, and beyond the obvious. Truth shines through.

State your intention: “I am spirit essence – I am the embodiment of Universal Mind. I intend that the heart and conscious mind of the light forces of the Universe prevail.” Deflect the comets from your sovereign space, refuse the bearers of dark tidings, stand tall against the winds of change.

Be brave, be strong … be starlight.”

The Desert Days Have Begun And So Your Passage

We wish to speak to you of the despair and fear that has been exalted by the fallen towers — Emergency 911 — and all that is emerging as the new reality of your present times. We wish to calm your anguish and help you find center, so that you can focus on the greater issues at hand – your emergence. We wish to calm your fears, dear ones, and shine the light upon those dark waters of your mental bodies – there where your fears of survival and suffering cloud the godlight of your souls.

Know that the true beginning of that which we refer to as The Desert Days was marked by the oil tanker disaster, which spilled almost two hundred thousand gallons of petroleum upon your last pristine ecosystem, the Galapagos Islands. Do you even remember it? That incident marked the beginning of a phase of unimaginable and rapid disruption of the biosphere and the accelerated deterioration of the natural habitats that once held — like crystals in the cave — the magic of Earth’s story.

That one event marked a most significant moment in your planet’s process — far more significant than the orchestrations of your governments or the winds of war — for it is was the straw that broke the back of the camel … that indomitable animal of burden that simply could no longer bear the weight of its unending toil.

Many of you, those tuned in to Gaia, felt this in your hearts. You knew, deep within you, that it was a turning point and we would be foolish and ineffectual to deny it, for the events of these volatile earth years speak for themselves. We recognize a growing sense of impotence taking seed within you. We read your anger and your sense of outrage, for your growing awareness of the ecological crisis in which you find yourselves will not let you ride this over or look away … ignoring the significance of that particular catastrophe and all that has emerged cacophonous — Earth’s total geophysical disharmony.

The destruction of the Galapagos archipelago was of such monumental importance because it was, in many ways, the final gesture — a symbolic slap upon your hopeful faces — and it stung … like salt in the open wound.

But still your hearts, dear ones.

You must not bend in resignation.

We and countless others of the cosmic community empathize … and we understand your despair, for Earth’s process is of great interest to conscious beings beyond your world and your pain vibrates upon the heartstrings of the universe. We feel your angst and we hear your cries of indignation. Gaia’s discord is deafening. The call of the animals and the sound of the coral forests choking in the blackness … these too, are vibrations moving through us.

We embrace you, children of Gaia … our love around you. We surround you with the strength and courage of our love and commitment, that together we (the Light Ones of the Universe) may understand the purpose of these destructive processes and learn from them. This process, that of confronting the lower emotions and then raising them for the good of the entirety, is the higher aspect of what is taking place around you now.

It will be easier to understand the nature of these events as you move ever closer to the moment of the great transition. It will be easier to forgive the destructive forces when you understand how decay serves as preparation for the birthing of new forms. You are being tested to the limit and we see that some of you, the awakening, fear you are losing the way. Weighted with the suffering of your world, you may have begun to question if the light will, indeed, be there to guide you through the portal, but fear not.

The Light of Gaia is intensifying.

In your humanness, it is absolutely understandable that you look upon the tentacles of black death washing over the white sands of your hope and your dreams of utopia and feel despair – and you are wise to mourn if that will help you purge those defeating emotions. Know, however, that such feelings will soon blow past you, for the clouds of Gaia’s despair have only momentarily taken you to the doom, blocking your vision of the path upon which your soul journeys ever upward.

You will soon be on your way again, carrying the lantern for those who are still lost in the fog of human indifference.

Do not be afraid, children of Earth.

You are the bold pioneers and you are filled the wonder of your purpose – the knowing that yours is a most incredible mission.

Go now.


There is much work to be done and a great urgency.
You must move quickly … more quickly than ever before.
Let there be a clear focus.
Commit yourselves to the moment … knowing
that there is no other
knowing that the time is upon you.We ask you to take inventory of your methods, your intention and your resources.
We call upon you to take responsibility for every thought, every act, every word.
And we ask that you move decisively and with absolute determination – speaking your truth in every moment and space:
to be as leaders, unshakable models of integrity and the clearest voice.
To be as teachers for the children
While laying yourselves open to their visions of the New Frontier.
You do know what you’ve come here to do, although life’s distractions may have blurred your memory.
But here is the moment you knew was coming –
The time when you are being called upon for your
clarity and strength –
your ability to shine the light into the darkest corners;
your desire to rouse the sleeping from the deep;
your capacity to serve as beacons for those lost at sea.
Rally the others and help them, too, to move swiftly …
in the light of human consciousness.
Never losing sight of the fact that it is the time of the Earth Keepers –
a time to give back what you have taken from the earth.
Go now, children of Gaia
…you are at the threshold,
ready to turn the key
ready to walk through.

Editor’s note:

The Bush Administration is pushing through legislation to allow oil profiteers to tear apart the pristine Alaskan ecosystem.

Are you aware? If you stand for Gaia, contact your congressmen and women, write to your senators, the United Nations, donate if you are able to Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund or any other organization dedicated to the salvation of Planet Earth.

The Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods

“The beginning of the new millennium marks a more critical phase of imbalance on your planet, of which many of you are all well aware. The signs surround you, as Gaia storms her rage upon the winds and waters: these are aspects we have dealt with in the first transmissions – The Cosmos of Soul.

Here we wish to address the question of the food supply, which (with genetic manipulation) is becoming poisonous and deadly to human and animal organisms … far more than ever before.

Those of you who choose to ignore this aspect, we believe, are either uninformed or unconcerned for your personal health and that is your free will choice to make. However, we call upon you, units of Earth consciousness, to consider the overall well-being of Planet Earth and the effect genetic mutation of the food supply is having on the living beings of your world. Then, as concerned citizens of many nations (whose governments all serve the greater interests of global industry), you may give more consideration to the issues that we present here, becoming more aware of what is taking place and more consciously involved in what you feed your mental-emotional and physical bodies. You may rebel, taking back the power over your own lives, beginning with what you bring into the physical body as nourishment of the soul.

In The Cosmos of Soul, we have given you a simple structure to follow regarding your foods, bearing in mind that you will need to draw as much light into the body (at the cellular level) as possible, as you prepare for the process of evolving into light body. This has been, until now, best achieved by ingesting a high volume of fresh fruits and vegetables, ideally those of organic agriculture, and the elimination of meat from the diet.

However, given what is being brewed in the laboratories of top level industry, you must now examine with caution the quality and the origins of the PLANT FOODS and their end products now gracing the shelves of your favorite supermarkets.

You need to know that:

  • The meat supply is becoming ever more infected; the spreading of ‘mad cow syndrome’ has moved out of the restricted areas and across the borders; it is spreading from species to species, from cows to sheep and pigs. What is not infected carries growth hormones, enormous quantities of antibiotics, and adrenal overloads, being fed with genetically modified feed, also treated with toxic pesticides. These you are absorbing into your bodies every time you cut into the juicy steak, or bite into the greasy, flavor-enhanced hamburger. Think about it.
  • North America leads the world in the cultivation and wide-scale distribution of genetically-modified foods, much of which you are unaware that you are ingesting – for the industry clearly does not wish to stimulate your curiosity or product-resistance. Therefore, beware. Those who have switched from dairy and meat to soy-based alternatives should know that over 50% of commercially available soy products have been genetically modified or chemically-treated, so you are wise to buy only those which are clearly labeled organically grown.
  • Corn, canola, dairy and potatoes – and their commercial end products – are the most likely foods to have been genetically modified. Awareness of this problem is slowly appearing in the media, but so much is hidden from you. You will have to give more attention to the matter, becoming far more discerning in your approach to food preparation and consumption.
  • Irradiated foods are proliferating in the supermarkets – particularly in the produce sectors. Trust that you do not want to bring radiation into the digestive track and that such foods do not enhance human health. Have you considered cultivating an organic garden? There, you will bring to your being the nature of the food; its live elements, rather than life prolonged by radiation!

Why must you be concerned?

  • The meat supply is dying – plain and simple. You hear daily warnings about the tremendous diseases appearing in cows, sheep, pigs and let us not forget the disease carried in poultry; the use of rotting duck meat – considered for the gourmets amongst you. * Aside from the metaphysical aspect of meat in your diets, there is an ever-increasing risk associated with ingesting meat. See if you can let it go … see if you can let yourselves release from the darkness of dead animal flesh once and forever.
  • Genetically modified foods can cause damage to the organs and most significantly they destroy the immune system.
  • The governments do not have your best interest at heart. The political bodies serve their ‘generous’ industrial lobbyists by enacting legislation that protects those corporate entities that would poison you in the name of profit. Therefore, do not be complacent, awaiting the official word from you central governments; do not be lulled into a feeling that you are being cared for as a people. The legislation that best serves you is that which you enact as individuals, as families and communities.
  • Children are particularly vulnerable, due to their consumption of dairy and the often excessive consumption of processed foods – many of which are corn or potato based. Processed cereals should be reduced substantially, if not eliminated and chips and such snack foods are the worst offenders. Do you care enough about the health of your loved ones to remove these poisons from their clutches?
  • You see the drastic increase of allergic children and adults. Know that genetic manipulation increases (dramatically) the risk that the plant will develop toxic or allergy-causing elements.
  • One objective of genetic manipulation is to cause the plant to emit its own very high levels of pesticide, with the idea to create an improved form of pest control in agriculture. Know that the levels of toxins being emitted are far beyond those that occur with spraying, and that these are far more damaging to the being. They can cause birth defects and lead to numerous malfunctions of the physical body.
  • Another objective is to create genetically altered drug producing foods. These are referred to as ‘functional foods’. These are absolutely counter-productive to the health of the human organism but of great potential to the pharmaceutical industry’s profit margins.
  • Genetic manipulation is devastating to the environment; they are altering not only the corn and soy but the entire ecosystem. The flora of Earth know no boundaries, and the genetically altered crops are crossing over into the others.

What can be done?

  • The growing resistance to Global Industrialization has begun to demonstrate itself in various parts of the world. Become involved. If your personal circumstances or beliefs do not allow you to be an activist, we do encourage you to be aware of the issues for which your brothers and sisters stand against the Power. These warriors are fighting for humankind, and, although there will always be those who use such stages for their personal agendas, most are there to represent the greater whole. Your support will keep the Voice alive.
  • Wherever possible, grow your own produce. For those who are without land, you may join together in communal gardening projects; these are ‘sprouting up’ in various places across the globe. Contact your local and regional community offices for information.
  • Investigate alternative sources of food, such as health food stores, food cooperatives.
  • Contact your supermarket and express your concerns, letting them know that you are being forced to find an alternative to their store in search of foods that are not genetically-modified or irradiated.
  • Write to your government representatives; the louder your voice, the sooner the response – for they need you. They need your vote in order to hold the seats of authority.
  • Educate the children, bearing in mind that they are a highly valuable target group for the advertisers of junk foods. This means, however, that you must create the alternatives by dedicating more time to the selection, harvesting and preparation of truly good food.
  • Throw away your microwaves; they produce enormous amounts of electromagnetic radiation and, by their nature, encourage the consumption of pre-fabricated, plastic food – food that has NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE WHATSOEVER.
  • Boycott investing in any company that produces genetically modified crops, such as Monsanto – one of the worst offenders.
  • Love yourselves and be conscious that what you are creating on the physical plane resounds in the ethers.

There is only so much that can be done at the individual level. We call you to unite as an international force, to reverse industry’s disastrous plan for global genetic manipulation of the produce and meat supplies of your planet.

We call upon you to
stand for yourselves and for each other
for the plants and animals
and all the living beings
for Gaia.
you are precious – lightworkers of Earth
If not you . . . who then?

About Internet

“We wish to initiate these transmissions with a brief commentary – an extra-dimensional observation regarding the workings of this vehicle of telecommunication: the Internet. We have asked you to call upon your Spirit Warriors, to create a light field around you before entering this site, a point of connection with Sirian consciousness. If you have not yet done so, we call upon you to encircle yourselves in pure white light and ask that the brilliance travel the ethers and penetrate here, increasing the vibratory fields of the Sirian Messenger site so that all who connect here will feel your brilliance. Layer upon layer, within and with-out us all, we will so join consciousness to serve the greater body of those who, like you, have chosen this as a point of exchange and unity.

Know that the Internet, if used properly, can and does serve to open your group consciousness to information that is needed now, at this time of your preparation for what lies ahead of you. Many are those who have brought to you vital information regarding the Secret Government, their covert activities, extraterrestrial visions, cosmic events and so many more of those fields of awareness have been facilitated through this means. It is no wonder that you delight in this aspect of your progress, seeing in this electronic vehicle a way to reach there where you have never reached before.

However, there are aspects of the Net that are insidious and often dangerous, and we ask you to consider those as well. There are inaudible electromagnetic frequencies cursing through the underground cables, emanating from your screens as ‘subliminal sounds’. Most of you are unaware of this intrusion, but it is there, deliberately imposed upon you to create addictive entrainment to the Net while manipulating your moods and thought processes. There are subliminal images as well, things the subconscious perceives that the conscious does not. These are controlling, manipulative technologies which can take your power and will from you., as they have throughout many millennia of human civilization. We simply ask that you be aware of this potential, setting your intention to deflect such waves.

Built into the Internet structure is a perfect tracking system for anyone who would benefit from knowing your movements, your contacts and interests – particularly if they go against the dogma of conventional thought. So be wary in your investigations of ‘sensitive’ material, remembering that you are totally ‘track-able’ and that all communications can be intercepted. ‘Secure’ sites do not exist, unless you set your intention before entering as you have done here, where we, too, have come with the highest intention.

Remember that your being aware of these possibilities diminishes their impact, and so we ask that you come to all Internet information with due circumspection and that, before journeying in the virtual zone, you bathe yourselves in the white light, calling in the Spirit Warriors, always affirming that whatever you connect with is for your highest possible good. Your asking helps maintain the integrity of our mission.

In finding new avenues of communication, we are fulfilling our purpose of bringing you the Light of knowledge with which you are lifting off the veil and setting yourselves free.

We celebrate the connection.

Children of Gaia, we salute you.”

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