Soulquest Journeys 2019

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SoulQuest 2019




in the Paradise Islands of the Azores

June 2 -9 2019
8 days /7 nights

Far from the noise of a chaotic world…
Remote to the stress and confusion of a frenzied civilization 
lies a place called the Azores
Where the air is pure, the water is clear
And the dolphins and whales are revered and protected.
Come. More than a vacation… This is a revelation.


The nature of this retreat is such that it is truly impossible to create a fixed program, day by day. Everything depends on the weather, the water, the wind and waves, the mighty whales and the great dolphin beings – the Universe commands! So read the attempt at a program below with a grain of salt, knowing that every day is determined by factors that are THE NOW moment of our experience, and subject to change and that everything is always in


As for the dolphin swims in open ocean: don’t let your anxiety about jumping in dissuade you from taking this leap! Many people prefer to stay on the boat which is so low on the water you can almost touch the dolphins when they leap and glide, curiously, around us. You will still hear the music, you will still feel their bodies near you – you will still know the joy and the wonder and the glory…if you prefer to experience this from inside the boat, where some of us will play crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and chimes for the Cetaceans to hear our call.

June 2 Day 1 – ARRIVALS

Arrive Horta, Azores. A driver will meet your flight and transfer you to your hotel, where you can settle in and sleep off the jet lag, if you’ve come from afar. Or you may want to explore the town, the tide pools, or just dig your heels into the beach sand at nearby Porto Pim Bay. If you are traveling from overseas you will most likely overnight in Lisbon before taking your Horta flight the next day. Flight information and suggestions will be provided upon registration, once we know where you’re coming in from. Closer to the date we will provide you optional tours you can enjoy if you want to get to know the island!


We come together today for a full day intensive workshop! The Dolphin Attunements – Psychic alignment with the Cetacean world and the ET connection, as we open to the multidimensional portals of Ancient Atlantis and our starseed ancestry. The galactic whales and dolphins – the Q’iquoq’i – and their imprinting of the cosmic seas. This is an in-depth, transformational experience and it is the prelude to your reconnecting with the Atlantean memory that is still coded into your DNA!


After breakfast we make our way to the pier, a leisurely 10 minute stroll from the hotel. The team who run our tour and boat excursions will assess your swimming and snorkeling competence and there will be a safety briefing and an overview of ethical protocols on how the boat approaches dolphins and whales in the open sea. Our first outing follows– swimming with dolphins. I will bring my crystal skull, Sirius, which we will work with out at sea – calling out to our extradimensional guides, activating the dolphin memory and amplifying their echolation sensors and vibration … recording the crystalline codes of the waters.


After morning excursion – we will enjoy a hosted luncheon at a local restaurant. There’s a lot to integrate after the workshop and first encounter with the dolphins. Evening is free to explore the village, or to just rest and relax as you feel into the vibrations of paradise on earth – Atlantis.


After breakfast, we return to the base, from where we depart for our second dolphin swim. Lunch on your own. Afternoon we will go by jeep to tour the incredible volcano – the Caldera – where we will join in meditation. Trekkers amongst you may decide you want to hike the perimeter of the Caldera – we can arrange for you to have transport back to the hotel after the rest of the group. We want this to be structured as loosely as possible so that you have the space you need to find your own truth and celebration! This is nature in all its glory – the paradise of early Atlantis. Photographers: this is a feast for your lens!! Bring your gear. Back to hotel to rest and later we will join for a sunset meditation on the beach, perhaps followed by dinner together in a local restaurant for those interested.


After breakfast, we embark on a whale watching expedition. Azores has more species of cetaceans than any other place in the world! This is the season when the spectacular blue whales migrate through these waterways – if we’re lucky we may sight one or more! Afternoon free to swim, snorkel, go hiking, rest, dream of Atlantis … absorb. Hopefully we will all dine together for some heady conversation and shared experiences. After dinner, we will go to a point on the island where we can observe migrations of seabirds later in the night – truly a mystical experience. The nature of this island is beyond breathtaking.

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“I have not come down to earth yet from the amazing journey we all shared Where Pharaohs Dwell. I can’t find the words to express what I feel. Patricia you are Amazing and Inspiring, my love and thoughts are with you as you embark on your next vocation with the dolphins and the whales. love, in Spirit…

—Bethany James

“Patricia said Egypt would be a transformative experience but I never could have imagined how true that statement would turn out to be! My life is enriched by meeting such an amazing master and teacher. Patricia, I appreciate your constant state of presence and freedom from ego. Thank you for holding space and allowing me to be the master of my own experience.”

— Shelly Gomez

“My cup still runneth over with the profoundly immense blessings of our sacred Egypt journey. I cherish every experience of every person, place and thing – on every level. My heart was quickened beyond measure. Such divine love and grace…I am eternally grateful beyond expression. Thank you for being such a noble guide on the journey of many lifetimes…

— Leesa Kay Zimmerman

“Since going on the Journey (to the Mayalands), I have found myself oscillating between dimensions as I go through a transformation. I am finding that nature around me in Gaia holds more colorful miracles while the “denser” vibrations of my day to day encounters are more challenging to deal with. I had a brief taste of another dimension on the Journey. This dimension was created by the energy sites we visited, everyone in our group, and the bonding and love I experienced with each person as the journey brought new experiences. Patricia, thank you so much for the time, effort and personal energy you put into this journey, as it was truly life-changing for me.”

— Scott Packer, USA

“Thank you Patricia and the Sirian Council for reminding me who I am – Everything in the Infinite Being-ness. I am part of the whole again, a member of the Family, the Infinite Universe, Infinite Existence, with myself, with the source of my being. I have lived the journey of my life….”

— Thalia Ter Kuile – Holland

“Thanks once again for facilitating so many life changes for this awesome group. For me personally, I feel empowered and more focused than ever before. It’s time to assimilate all the emotions, energies and stimulating knowledge….”

— Heather Cantle, England

“Never, never, in all my imaginations or dreams could I have hoped for more. What a journey!!”

— Karen Kumnick, USA

“Patricia led us through each experience with a depth of knowledge and spiritual insight as to make each and every stop on the tour a meaningful moment. Many of us have said that we don’t believe we will ever be the same after sharing this time together, and we have Patricia to thank for making it possible.

Patricia, it was indeed my pleasure to have shared this experience with you, and I will always remember your spirit. You are truly a star in your own right…”

— Tim Murphy, USA

“The trip was magical. With 50 participants the organization was masterfully handled and I commend all of those responsible for working so hard to meet the needs of all participants. My desire to have time to integrate the powerful energies and shifts took precedence over my normal shopaholic nature. Five days after coming home, I am still integrating the amazing energies and shifts. I am sure that all of the releases from this workshop and tour have had a profound effect on my spiritual evolution.”

— Sherry Dmytrewycz, USA

“Thank you again for planning such a wonderful event that I’m sure touched all the participants and changed our lives forever.”

— Susan Aono – Hawaii