The Starseed Dialogues: Soul Searching the Universe

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About the Book

In a most amazing spiritual quest with your channel, Patricia Cori, through the mystery lands of Egypt, we entered the Great Pyramid to activate the third strand of DNA. There, in an intensely rich experience of group toning, most of us heard Tibetan monks chanting with us – in the ethers.

Can you elaborate on this phenomenon and speak to how sound is woven through the energy vortices of Gaia?

The common experience of all evolved civilizations in the light realms of the multidimensional universe is the understanding of sound as the weaver of all frequencies. It is thought, crystallizing to a slower frequency at select points of time and space, and then creating a lattice, or pattern, that moves all soul forward, upon the Great Spiral of our return to Source.

This we have previously referred to as the ‘Music of the Spheres’, for all consciousness resounds as music in the infinite Cosmos of Soul: from the minutia of subatomic particles to the vastness of planetary beings, solar deities and yes, entire galaxies and then universes … and then beyond, for the Cosmos is infinite in ways that are unfathomable to the human mind.

Masters of sound and its profound relevance, the Tibetans have long worked to hold the music of Gaia in perfect balance. Just like trained tuners of instruments, they are intent upon assisting Gaia in maintaining her perfect pitch, the music of her soul. From the ancients of Atlantis and Lemuria, to the Priesthood of Egypt, the Maya … all understood the significance of music and vibration to the emotional balance of Gaia.

Before humankind disturbed and now destroys the song of the seas – the rhythms and melodies of the Great Whales and the Dolphin Beings – the primordial notes of Earth were crystalline and pure.

Before the blight of your waste and destruction, the bird call, the rush of the forest stream, even the hiss of the reptilians … all were harmonious: all was in perfection in the Garden of Eden.

You could hear the heartbeat of the Great Mother resounding through the earth and you could feel the waves of her vital pulse through the secondary chakric centers, located in the soles of your feet.

This perfect balance of sound and vibration still exists at all the power points of Gaia and the enlightened know how to travel there, on the winds of directed vocal or instrumental sounds.

They are capable of remotely retrieving the new information – your group intention – in these vortices, just as they are able to receive the pulse of what vibrates there. And yes, they do also send their love there to facilitate your experience, joining with you in the celebration of your discovery and attuning, in a sense, to the intention of your group soul, reaching higher.

Your being there, in full awareness, calls them to take part in the fine-tuning of earth energies. It is the prayer of all ages – of all the living of Gaia – and you are privileged to be there: to bring your love light to these places and to hear and feel the love shining back to you.

There are also key lightworkers on the planet who understand how to unlock the codes and retrieve the information that has been encoded for the Initiations of many at different times and places on the Great Planet Earth.


Long awaited, this latest work from the Sirian High Council is an extraordinary clear and concise compilation of questions Patricia (aka Trydjya) has received from readers, which she then turned over to the Speakers for answers. The material covered includes concepts presented in the three works of the Sirian Revelations trilogy, as well as other concerns that are paramount in our minds as we feel ourselves spinning into the new world.

As always, their message rings clear to us: fear not what lies ahead, for you are about to experience a glorious transformation – and although the prophets speak of doom and destruction, we assure you that the darkest hours are already upon you. What awaits is the brilliance!

Says Patricia, in her dedication: This work is dedicated to the Family of Light, those who I have been honored to meet along the way those who have shared the magic with me; those who have shared their questions to be brought to the Council and everyone, near and far, who seeks to make ours a more beautiful world.

It is a ‘must read’ for starseed awakening.

Table of Contents:
One: The Sirius-Earth Connection
Two: Into the Fourth Dimension
Three: Your Evolving DNA
Four: Imminent Contact
Five: Earth Changes & Personal Evolution
Six: Agharta – The Inner World
Seven: Sacred Sites, Celestial Messages

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