Being Upbeat in a Down Market: 12 Conscious Actions to Restore Abundance

By Jackie Lapin

This is a time when people are worried about their financial future. It’s easy to feel afraid these days. Every major newspaper and TV news show screams: “Deep Recession” “Stocks Slide Downward” “The Market Plummets.” As I listen to the gloom and doom about the economy, I’m struck by the power of media and mass consciousness to create a tornado of panic. We can’t help but wonder: Is the economy imploding? Are the doomsayers right? Could I lose my house, my job, my savings, my lifestyle? But fear and panic only delays recovery – both personally and professionally. The power of your positive thinking and positive vision cannot be underestimated in creating the energy that underlies prosperity. You are the key to keeping the flow of abundance open, and restoring people’s confidence in the future. If you take “right actions” to keep your energy directed toward conscious living and business practices, provide visionary leadership to all you know and actively focus on the positive (instead of the negative) aspects of everything, you can be a force for guiding yourself, your family and the world at large back to experiencing balance, abundance and prosperity. You are the person who can create and direct the united flow of energy toward manifesting and consciously creating the future. Here are 12 ways that you can help jump start our path back to greater prosperity:

1. Live the concept of unlimited abundance in your personal and professional life. Disgard the concept of competition. Competition results from separation from the source of all wealth and is a construct of “lack.” Share the vision of abundance for everyone and celebrate their success, as well as your own. Abundance for all drives the worldwide economic engine. Take actions that show your confidence in the fact that unlimited abundance is headed your way, and is earmarked for your future and the future of the world.

2. Refuse to engage in the fear that has possessed the news media, Wall Street and the consumer. Especially, Wall Street is driven by the energies of fear and euphoria. There is no balance or reality on Wall Street. Keep your energies focused on recovery and a vision of restored economic health-both within your sphere of influence and around the world. Remember that economic cycles are just that –and this one can turn around as quickly as it has gone south. Point your compass due north. With more people focusing on recovery than fear of recession, we can change course more quickly. Remember the economy always comes back. In my mind, for instance, I see people jumping up and down on Wall Street when the Dow hits 14,000 again!

3. Globalization works both ways. We can allow our negative fears and money woes to drag down the rest of the world, or we can jointly uplift the entire globe. Let’s lift the planet together. Envision economic health on all continents, not just here in the U.S. This is a not a time to get nationalistic and provincial. We can find partners around the world who will help bring the U.S. back into balance if we seek their success as well. See the world’s nations and people working together to generate abundance and where you can, do your part to foster that.

4. Act with vigor, vision and trust. Show your co-workers, your friends and family that you believe in the bounty that this world affords, and that you have faith in the Universe and in the future to create the opportunities for a better life, a better nation and a better world. Show that you have already embraced that robust future. Spend money where it will create more opportunity.

5. Take conscious action to start prosperity flowing forth in your immediate world and around the globe. (Become an ‘actionary,” as described in The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World) Take a vacation and spend money that you can afford and that will make someone else’s day. Tip a little more than usual. Give someone a job who needs it. Also commit your time to community, charitable or international efforts to create a better, more abundant life for others. That will boomerang back and help you and your employees. Encourage your employees to do the same. This also serves to get their focus off their own woes and onto the wavelengths of giving and gratitude, energy that can produce positive results on many levels.

6. Put the Law of Attraction to work on your behalf. Make sure that you are operating on a high frequency with positive focus, acts and values-and make correction where it is not. If you are operating on a high frequency, you are resonating with the Universe’s vibration and you should attract money, resources, and business that are in alignment with you and your highest good.

7. See the world as an opportunity, not a hostile environment. Where there is strife, find new ways to create relief. Fill voids that provide services, aid or goods to those who need it, or in new markets. Think in terms of expansion, not contraction.

8. Call for positive change. Hold our leaders to the same standards. Press them for positive action, not blame and finger pointing. Support those who are taking positive action for change, both economically and societally.

9. Operate in a state of gratitude-for your talents, for your co-workers, for your supporters, for your friends, for your family, for your loved ones and for the relative health of your company, for living in a nation where individual freedom provides unlimited opportunity for growth, for the abundance that is yet to materialize in the future. Show your gratitude, don’t just feel it.

10. Pay it forward. Do good deeds and make generous overtures to others, simply asking the recipients to pay it forward. Create the energy that will heal and repair, and plant positive healthy seeds that will allow abundance to grow.

11. And most importantly, hold the vision of abundance! Create your personal and professional goals with a strong vision of success. Put them in writing. Work with others to create visioning moments or gatherings that invoke the exciting, emotionally exalting feeling of success and abundance. See the market climbing again. Visualize people being able to get out from under the debt of their homes and mortgage companies helping people to reestablish home ownership. See the price of staples and gas becoming affordable again. Note how spending is once again flowing. See businesses thriving instead of folding and jobs opening up. Visualize money circulating responsibly. See the world filled with peace, prosperity, abundance and economic opportunity for all. See the world’s people cooperating in uncountable ways that generate goodwill, fair trade, conscious business, holistic value and prosperity. See your powerful place in this vibrant, robust and satisfying planet.

12. Here are some simple affirmations that support these visions.

  • I am expanding in every way and every moment.
  • I am a force for good in the world.
  • Everything wonderful is a possibility in my life.
  • I project positive energy into the world.
  • I am transmuting all negative energy to positive energy.
  • I am choosing to be optimistic and confident in the future, and happy.
  • I welcome and work toward abundance for all.
  • I am a powerful Conscious Creator who can help manifest abundance personally, professionally and for the good of the planet.
  • I trust the Universe to always produce whatever is in my highest good.
  • I am grateful to myself and the Universe for allowing me to step fully into my ultimate potential.
  • I am filled with a vision of mankind’s success at Consciously Creating a vital and vibrant future for our planet.

  • I am filled with the knowledge of mankind’s power and ability to create a world of peace, joy, abundance and environmental sustainability.

  • I know that everything is going to work out fine.



With summer on the horizon, many people are thinking about health, fitness, and flaunting their firm forms while having fun in the sun. If you’re eating salmon because you think it’s good for your health-think again. Here are 10 “reel” reasons not to eat it:

Salmon Are Smart
Fish are smart. Oxford University scientist Dr. Theresa Burt de Perera recently discovered that fish learn even faster than dogs. Fish learn from each other, have long-term memories, and can recognize one another. They gather information by eavesdropping, and some species even use tools, which, until recently, was thought to be a uniquely human trait. Like the dogs and cats with whom we share our homes, they also like to play, investigate new things, and hang out with friends.

Arsenic and Old Waste
Mmmm, want a plate full of poison? Fish have extremely high levels of chemicals such as arsenic, mercury, PCBs, DDT, dioxins, and lead in their flesh and fat. You may even get industrial-strength fire retardant with that catch of the day. The chemical residue found in salmon flesh can be as much as 9 million times that of the water in which they live.

Harm at the Farm
Four-fifths of the United States’ most popular fish flesh, salmon, consumed in the U.S. is farm-raised. These fish, who are raised by the millions in cages made of nets in coastal waters, are killing off wild fish populations as well, since it takes 5 pounds of commercially caught fish (species not eaten by humans) to produce 1 pound of farmed fish.

Sea Lice Aren’t So Nice
No one wants to wear a “death crown,” but thanks to chronic sea lice, a parasite that eats down to the bones on a fish’s face, salmon commonly suffer this condition. Salmon also routinely go insane and sustain sores and other injuries from intense crowding, as they are made to live their entire lives with as many as 27 fish in a space the size of a bathtub.

Slammin’ Salmon
No, we’re not talking about a baseball player-but fish farmers do often use bats to beat large salmon to death. All methods used to slaughter fish are grotesque and cruel. Fish have their gills slit while they are still alive, and smaller salmon are often packed in ice and left to slowly suffocate or freeze to death.

Open Waters Are Open Sewers
Everybody loves the Big Apple, but would you eat something fished out of the city’s sewer system? According to the Norwegian government, the salmon and trout farms in Norway alone produce roughly the same amount of sewage as New York City. The massive amount of raw sewage, dead fish corpses, and antibiotic-laden fish food sludge settling below farmed salmon cages can actually cause the ocean floor to rot, destroying vital habitat for the already strained marine ecosystem and turning coastal waters into open sewers.

Breeding Brain Damage
Usually when Moms pass things on to their children, it’s a good thing-but when pregnant or nursing moms eat fish, they pass the toxins they consume on to their babies. Studies have also shown that children born to mothers who eat fish are slower to talk, walk, and develop fine motor skills and have weaker memories and shorter attention spans. Scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health have found that fish consumption can cause irreversible impairment to brain function in children, both in the womb and as they grow.

Don’t Forget About the PCBs
Feeling forgetful? There could be something fishy going on. Scientists have proved that people who eat only two servings of fish a month have difficulty recalling information that they learned just 30 minutes earlier. The culprit is high levels of mercury, lead, and PCBs in their blood. PCBs, synthetic chemicals polluting water and concentrated in fish flesh, act like hormones, wreaking havoc on the nervous system and contributing to a variety of illnesses beyond forgetfulness and vertigo, including cancer, infertility, and other sexual problems.

For Your Health
Would you like tartar sauce with those cancer-causing toxins? If you’re feeling green around the gills, salmon could be making you seriously ill. The Environmental Working Group estimates that 800,000 people in the U.S. face an excess lifetime cancer risk from eating farmed salmon. Plus, salmon flesh contains high amounts of artery-clogging cholesterol and fat.

Faux Fish
Fake it for salmon’s sake! Tempt your taste buds without tempting fate by trying faux fish. Your local Asian food mart or health-food store likely carries vegetarian mock seafood products that have all the flavor of the “real thing” without the contaminants or cholesterol.

If you’re “fishing” for a heart-smart diet that has been proved to actually reverse heart disease while also reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes, and obesity and that is good for the environment as well as fish-friendly-a vegetarian diet is the perfect catch.

Additives DO harm children – and a ban could cut child hyperactivity by a third, say scientists

By SEAN POULTER – Daily Mail

Healthy development: The scientists believe that the removal of ‘E-Numbers’ would reduce disruption

The number of hyperactive children could be cut by a third by banning suspect food additives, it is claimed today.

The finding by British scientists will put pressure on the Food Standards Agency to force manufacturers to stop using the “E-number” chemicals.

The researchers believe that removing artificial colours from children’s foods, including cakes, drinks and sweets, would bring significant health and social benefits.

Thousands of children would avoid the blight on their education caused by hyperactive behaviour, which can mean they are labelled slow and disruptive.

Removing the chemicals could also help reduce anti-social behaviour in teenagers, according to the researchers from the University of Southampton, led by Professor Jim Stevenson.

The scientists believe the harm caused to the IQ of youngsters is equivalent to the damaging impact of lead on developing brains.

They say just as efforts were made to protect children against lead poisoning years ago, there is “justification for action now” on food colours.

They are frustrated at the lack of action to tackle the harm to children posed by food additives and are calling on the board of the Food Standards Agency (FSA), which is meeting today, to take bold measures to ban them.

The Southampton team calculates that some 6.6 per cent of children aged three to 12, a total of 462,000, suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The academics believe this figure could be reduced by 30 per cent – around 140,000 – if the additives were banned.

Professor Stevenson and his team discovered that food chemicals caused “psychological harm” to normal healthy children.

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Two groups of children showed changes in behaviour when given the additives during controlled trials. They found it hard to sit still and concentrate, they had problems reading and became loud and impulsive.

Professor Stevenson said: “We now have clear evidence that mixtures of certain food colours can adversely influence the behaviour of children.

“We know that hyperactivity in young child is a risk factor for, for example, later difficulties in school. Certainly it is associated with difficulties in learning to read.

“It is also associated with wider behavioural difficulties in middle childhood, such as conduct disorder.

“I feel that the effects we are seeing here are sufficiently great to represent a threat to health.”

The Southampton team has sent a report to the FSA board, which argues that a significant number of children could be prevented from developing ADHD if the additives are removed.

Children who are diagnosed with ADHD can find their entire school careers and lives suffer as a result. The report warns: “Elevated levels of hyperactivity in young children represent a risk for continuing behaviour problems into later childhood.

“It should also be recognised that children with elevated levels of hyperactivity can be disruptive to a family and are sometimes socially isolated because peers find their behaviour unsettling.”

Last month the Government announced a task force to concentrate on improving the behaviour of 1,000 particularly disruptive young people.

The Southampton team say: “It is a Government policy priority to reduce the level of disruptive behaviour by young people. We suggest… the removal of food colours might be a small, indirect contribution to such a goal.”

The suspect colours are tartrazine (E102); quinoline yellow (E104); sunset yellow (E110); carmoisine (E122); ponceau 4R (E124); and allura red (E129).

The FSA, an independent department of the Government, suggests there should be a voluntary ban by UK manufacturers by the end of 2009. The board is also expected to advise parents concerned by the Southampton study that they “might choose” not to give their children products containing the chemicals.

The Food Commission has set up a website – – which lists more than 900 products containing the chemicals.

The Daily Mail launched the “Ban the Additives” campaign to encourage manufacturers and supermarkets to remove the chemicals from their recipes.

This has achieved support from all the major supermarkets and pledges from firms such as Cadburys and Mars UK to remove them.

A ban on the suspect additives will change the look of familiar foods.

The green colour of mushy peas is created by tartrazine, and quinoline yellow produces the green colour in lime cordial and green Tic-Tacs.

The vivid colour of Turkish Delight is largely the result of the suspect dye allura red.

Natural alternatives to these food colours are being produced and some companies, including Sainsbury’s and Asda, already have new lines on their shelves.

Sainsbury’s has created a natural lime cordial, while Asda has taken tartrazine out of its tinned peas.